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Rogue Universe brings intergalactic strategy to Android and iOS

The year is 1983. Interdimensional travel is a new reality, and three factions vie for control of the galaxy. Also, there are dogs with...

Mythgard is a new digital CCG with urban fantasy flavor

Digital CCGs are all the rage these days, from digital-only titles like Blizzard's Hearthstone and Dire Wolf Digital's Eternal to adaptations of physical games...
Ancient prophecies should perhaps be heeded.

BlizzCon 2018: Warcraft III: Reforged is a remaster and update of the classic game due in 2019

Fighting Infernals, chopping lumber with Ghouls, managing your Wisps and uprooting Ancients... all familiar to any veterans of Warcraft III. But this year's BlizzCon...
There are so many beautiful things in this world! Like soup, and... you know, that feeling when... darn it, all I can think of now is soup.

Ghostbusters World is out now for those who are not, in fact, afraid of no ghost

If there's something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? Absolutely no one, because you're playing Ghostbusters World on your phone, hopefully. It...

EVE Vegas 2018: EVE Echoes, EVE Online’s mobile adaptation, is launching in 2019

When CCP Games started shifting some of its focus to the mobile games market recently, we heard rumblings of a mobile version of EVE...

New mobile MMO Ember Sword is another cryptocurrency game

Indie developer So Couch Studios is aiming to meld MMORPGs and cryptocurrency in its upcoming Android game Ember Sword. Billed as "the Blockchain MMORPG,"...

The Daily Grind: Have you tried more MMOs now that almost everything is free-to-play?

It feels like a long time ago now (because it was about a decade) but I still vividly remember when Dungeons & Dragons Online...

Tactical space shooter Dreadnought launches on Steam

Developer Six Foot has announced the official launch of its free-to-play space shooter Dreadnought. The game, which includes the new launch update Command the...
I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road until I get a poncho.

Rockstar boasts of 100-hour work weeks on Red Dead Redemption 2

If you're looking forward to Red Dead Redemption 2, we can hardly blame you as it seems like half of the civilized world is...
Twish, Spir I

Nexon’s upcoming mobile title Spiritwish enters closed beta in South Korea, shows off gameplay footage

The folks at Nexon Korea's internal NEON Studio are apparently working on a new mobile MMO called Spiritwish. Currently in closed beta testing in...

ROSE Online mobile title announced for Japanese release

According to a recent report from MMO Culture, it looks like free-to-play fantasy MMO ROSE Online is heading to mobile with new title ROSE...

Vehicular-combat MOBA Heavy Metal Machines enters full release

Yesterday, developer Hoplon's free-to-play, vehicular-combat-based MOBA Heavy Metal Machines put the pedal to the metal and zoomed out of Early Access and into its...

Ankama’s WAVEN brings Wakfu-style combat to mobile and PC

Last week, we looked at Ankama's year-end update video and what the studio has in store for its major titles, Wakfu and Dofus. What...
Wait, what? But in a good way.

Perfect World Entertainment reveals Torchlight Frontiers, an MMOARPG for PC and console

Last year, Perfect World Entertainment shut down Runic Games. Even before that, fans had been told that any sort of Torchlight MMO would be...
Just in case you were unclear.

Game of Thrones: Conquest is what Turbine does now

So... Turbine. You remember Turbine, right? Used to run some games before the company spun off the MMOs to Standing Stone Games and shuttered...

SoulWorker is readying for beta in North America at the end of 2017

When you see the title SoulWorker, does your brain immediately re-translate it to "Social Worker" and picture an MMO wherein you spend your time...
Oh. Good.

A new job listing for Blizzard suggests another mobile title is in the works

Is there a Blizzard franchise you want to carry around in your pocket? Obviously, you can already play Hearthstone on your phone, but perhaps...
Daunting with myself, oh oh.

Dauntless reveals the details of its Founder’s Packs

Admit it, you knew that Dauntless would have Founder's Packs. That's just the nature of the beast these days, even in a game all...

Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios is working on a new multiplayer FPS with Perfect World Entertainment

Back in October, Evolve ceased its apparently successful revival and moved into maintenance mode, with developer Turtle Rock Studios handing off the game and...
Tanks for the memories, you know.

The Imperial Realm: Miranda plans its first playtest weekends

The Imperial Realm: Miranda is likely a game you've never heard of, but the fact that it's an MMORTS with a seamless world is...