‘Classic’ MMO Dekaron announces mobile adaptation


The trend of giving old MMOs new leases on life by turning them into mobile titles continues: Korean developer ThumbAge has announced that it will be adapting “classic” MMO Dekaron (formerly known in the West as 2Moons) for mobile devices. Known primarily for its comics-based mobile ARPG DC: Unchained, ThumbAge announced the adaptation — which it is developing as part of a partnership with Dekaron IP-holder Ubifun — just today, according to a report from MMO Culture. As of right now, however, the only details we know are that the project exists and that the mobile version of the game “will have the best features of the PC version.” No launch window has been set.

For those who aren’t familiar with Dekaron, well, it’s hard to blame you. Here’s the run-down: Touting arcade-style action combat, 12 distinct classes, and an array of both PvE and PvP content, Dekaron was originally published in Korea by Nexon before being brought to the West by the now-defunct Acclaim Games as 2Moons, where it met limited success. Now, the PC version of the game is again available in the West under its original title thanks to publisher Papaya Play, though it remains fairly obscure (hence this paragraph). Perhaps the game will receive more recognition as a mobile title, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


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Rodrigo Dias Costa

I remember playing (or at least trying to play) 2moons when launched. Can’t remember anything else about it really, but maybe I’ll try it later tonight to see if rings any bells.