Apex Legends season 2 brings a new gun and a number of weapon and ammo tweaks


I’m not entirely sure what a “plasma-fueled EMG” is supposed to be, but it certainly looks like a fun weapon to use. This new type of gun is arriving to Apex Legends in season 2, along with a number of tweaks to several ammunition types and existing weapons.

First, the primary focus: Say hello to the L-STAR, the latest addition to Apex’s rare weapons lineup found in airdrop packages. This LMG fires chunky, plasma-coated projectiles that move slower than normal projectiles in-game, but also apparently don’t require too much precision aiming to dish out the damage. There are a couple of drawbacks you will want to note: The L-STAR can be prone to overheating, so firing in bursts is recommended or else you run the risk of breaking its lens. It also has a limited, unreplenishable ammo supply. That said, it also fires balls of slag at a high rate, so it seems worth it.

Season 2 will also be introducing several tweaks in the interest of balancing matches. Players can look forward to new Energy Mag attachments, tweaks to the Arc Star weapon, buffs to the Flatline, P2020, Alternator, and Triple Take, and changes to shotgun and energy ammo stack sizes among other changes.

Season 2 will arrive on Tuesday, July 2nd. While we don’t have patch notes yet, there is the source link with details and a video of the L-STAR in action below.

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