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‘MMOPEG’ Codename Reality seeks half a million Kickstarter bucks to ‘redefine the MMO genre’

If immersion and realism are what you crave in a new MMORPG, take a look at Codename Reality, another new game in our field of view this week. Europe-based studio Orode Productions just kicked off a Kickstarter for the game seeking $583,981 to build what it says is “the kind of project even the biggest game design companies wouldn’t dare undertake” – a “massively multiplayer online persistent entity game,” or MMOPEG for short. This one’s buy-to-play, with no sub.

Codename Reality is a realistic fantasy/medieval realm in which your actions shape the world,” the devs write in their pitch.

“In other words, we have provided you with the possibility to create its history. We have redesigned the NPC system to better integrate with the realistic feeling and along with this, the death mechanic is more aligned with permanent death than with the classical MMORPG death system. You define the storyline and as such your future is completely up to you. However, with great potential comes great risk. Players can be harsh, and the same goes for the Realm itself. Only those with the skills to predict the consequences of their actions will succeed. Can you rise to the occasion and thrive in the Realm, or will your actions lead to the demise of you and your allies?”

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Rend is hitting Early Access today

It’s time to try a different sort of survival sandbox with the launch of Rend’s Early Access today. You can pick up the game’s current version right now for $30 on Steam, a game which you may have noticed we continually give out high praise for whenever we get our hands on it. Naturally, there’s a trailer just below along with some new screenshots, so everyone gets to enjoy a look at the title.

For those who have missed it, Rend is a survival sandbox (as mentioned) with a bit of a twist. Players are automatically signed on for one of three factions in the game, and the ultimate goal is to be the strongest faction over time. There are limited windows for attacking the main base, but there are also large-scale attacks that coincide with those windows of vulnerability. Check out the trailer just below if you want a glance at the game in action. Or just go ahead and buy your way into early access now.

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PvP-centric sub MMO/MOBA hybrid EverFeud has launched its $105K Kickstarter

As we foretold yesterday, the PvP-focused MOBA/MMO hybrid EverFeud has officially launched its Kickstarter today. Developer PSB Entertainment has described the title as a hyper-competitive “arena and battleground-styled multiplayer PVP game set in a fantasy world where might and magic hold sway,” a game “built by PvPers for PvPers.” It eshews the levels and grinds of most MMOs, but it’s set in an MMO world with battleground factions rather than FPS-style lobbies with gobs of customization, classes, and races. It’s adamantly anti-pay-to-win and is expected to run a $5 monthly sub and $20 box fee, with no fees for future content.

“Are you looking for a pure PvP fantasy combat game without all the leveling and grinding? Think playing video games should be fun and not a chore? Maybe you do like questing and raiding but don’t want to spend time grinding your PvP character and just want to compete? Then this game is for you. […] EverFeud is a cross between an MMO and a MOBA. It’s pure PvP combat in a fantasy setting. […] All class weapons and gear types are available at the time of character creation. You then choose from an assortment of runes and imbuements to further specialize your weapons and gear. Character classes can be specialized by choosing from multiple ability trees.”

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NCsoft is working on an Aion-related ‘next-generation’ MMORPG

No matter what your feelings may be toward NCsoft, it is great to see that the developer and publisher continues to greenlight MMORPGs instead of merely coasting on what it already has.

Apparently, the company is working on and hiring for a new top secret MMO these days. Even more interesting is the fact that this “next-generation console and PC MMORPG” is somehow related to or set in the Aion universe. A sequel? A side-quel? The only other detail we know about this project is that it is utilizing the Unreal Engine 4.

NCsoft isn’t the only studio that has some sort of secret MMO in the works right now. CCP let it slip that it’s creating an action MMO of some sort, John Smedley is building… something for Amazon Game Studios, and Nexon was snapping up developers for a likely MMO at its Irvine studio.

Source: MMO Culture


Zeal is an upcoming MMOARPG with PvP, PvE, 15 classes, and no grinding

Here comes a new one to the MassivelyOP pages! It’s an MMO called Zeal, which developer Lycanic Studios bills as “an indie action RPG that allows you to build your character and fight against players in Arenas, slay creatures in Dungeons and conquer savage lands against both in Conquest Mode.”

The trick is that you’re not going to be grinding; you are picking your character from a pool of 15 classes and leaping in to just play rather than grind in the MMORPG style. That’s chiefly because this is a PvP-oriented game, although there’s apparently plenty of PvE too, as small-group dungeons and solo/co-op campaigns are mentioned. On the flipside, you do get to heavily customize your character with abilities, stats, and appearance within the class and character you pick.

According to the game’s website, playtesting has been ongoing all summer, leading into a Kickstarter coming in September, alpha by the end of the year, beta early next year, and release by summer of 2019.

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PvP-centric sub-based MMO/MOBA hybrid EverFeud launches Kickstarter tomorrow

Gotta love a friendly tweet in the morning that reminds me about a game I’d forgotten about! I’m talking about EverFeud, a game we covered waaaaay back in 2016 when it was on Steam Greenlight (remember back when Greenlight was a thing?). At the time, the game was described by developer PSB Entertainment as a hyper-competitive “arena and battleground-styled multiplayer PVP game set in a fantasy world where might and magic hold sway” – and game “built by PvPers for PvPers.” It seems like more of a MOBA in its lack of levels and grinds, but it’s all couched in an MMO world with battleground factions rather than FPS-style lobbies, and there’s plenty of customization for the game’s six classes to boot.

Intriguingly, the game’s website blasts pay-to-win policies and says the game will run with a $5 monthly sub and $20 box fee, with no fees for future content.

“All rewards are vanity based so this is NOT ‘Pay to win.’ EverFeud will be Subscription based with a low cost of $5 monthly, and an initial purchase price of $20. Any content such as new Arenas, BGs, Character Races, and Classes added to the game after release will not come as an additional charge or as an expansion pack. It will simply be added to the game as a new patch. Also once EverFeud is fully released there will not be any constant Buffs & Nerfs, and any added classes with be tuned to the game and not the other way around.”

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The Stream Team: Life and death and pets in Rend

Did you get enough Rend yesterday? Massively OP’s MJ didn’t! She’s back in for more survival… or lack thereof. Her goal today is to work up to being able to tame a pet. However, there is much preparation to do before she has a chance. Join us live at 9:00 p.m. to see which comes first for her: death or a pet. We are sure Andrew will help with one or the other.

What: Rend 
Who: MJ Guthrie & Andrew Ross
When: 9:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, July 27th, 2018

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The Survivalist: Hands-on with survival MMO Rend’s closed alpha

It’s been nearly a year since I met with Frostkeep Studios at PAX West and got an early first-hand look at Rend, the three-faction fantasy survival sandbox with a timer. And I’ve been waiting since then to be able to play for myself; I saw the housing and learned about pet taming, and knew I wanted in. Even though I don’t play PvP for PvP’s sake, I liked the sounds of its implementation in Rend. And the whole thing about the temporary lifespan of the server? Newer information (namely that I can use ascension points to keep my favorite pets with me!) has helped alleviate that trepidation.

And now, finally, I’m in! The question is, what do I think about it? It is still in development — it is only closed alpha at the moment — and it shows. But there is also promise. I already know I am going to be playing it more. Here are my first impressions of surviving in Rend.

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CCP has obliquely confirmed it’s working on a brand-new ‘action MMO’

Remember back in December, when the gaming world noticed that CCP’s hiring page sought a lead designer to run “a new and highly ambitious MMORPG” under its banner? It seemed unlikely that it was anything the company was already working on, like the EVE Online mobile MMO dubbed Project Aurora or the other mobile MMO, Project Galaxy, or even Project Nova.

Here’s a bit more to chew on: CCP announced this week that it’ll be using Unreal Engine exclusively for its upcoming games, and in the press release, as PCGN noticed, it seemingly confirms that the game still exists and that it’s now being called an “action MMO.”

“‘Working with Epic Games using their engine source code, which is open to all Unreal developers, is great for both AAA and indie studios alike, thanks to the huge amount of support options available,’ said James Dobrowski, Executive Producer on the unannounced action-MMO being created at CCP London.”

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Rummaging through Rend: Alpha impressions of Frostkeep’s blissfully social survival MMO

Early access for Rend is just around the corner, which means hype for the game is picking up. Frostkeep recently invited us to check out its studio and dive back into the alpha and see how the game’s been unfolding. While there’s an embargo preventing us from taking pictures or videos, we’re allowed to talk about our experiences, and talk we shall! We should first note that the game isn’t a traditional MMORPG, but even in its alpha state, it seems to be doing more right than most other games firmly entrenched in the genre. And that was before a recent patch that finally fixed a bug that threatened the game’s early access reception.

To prepare for my studio tour, I hit the alpha servers over the weekend, going through the newbie experience a few times on two different servers. Alpha is the key word here, as the game really was in a rough state at the time. Nodes being unharvestable, factions largely being glowing tattoos attached to a two-sentence description, almost no visual customization… things that sound terrible for a game but are normal for an alpha. Even the game’s basic tutorial wasn’t always working properly.

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The Cycle is a PvEvP ‘shooter with a twist’ that bucks the battle royale trend

Berlin-based studio YAGER recently took the wraps off The Cycle, a “first-person shooter with a twist” that somehow looks a lot like a survival sandbox with Fortnite’s graphics and some of Monster Hunter World’s and The Division’s mechanics, but with some persistence between matches.

The Cycle is match based FPS where players complete quests while making and breaking temporary alliances. Anyone can attack anyone, and anyone can ally with anyone. In The Cycle the explored galaxy is controlled by massive Factions, but the mysterious outer reaches are still up for grabs. In their race to control these frontier resources, the Factions need contractors to do their dirty work. You are one of these contractors, competing for objectives such as collecting minerals or hunting wildlife while being careful to avoid or take down the competition.”

Kotaku UK’s interview with YAGER sheds more light on some of The Cycle’s more unusual mechanics, such as the fact that evacuation from the planet is just as important as everything else and that it’s aiming for a PvEvP scenario. And while it’s not a battle royale and has plenty of PvE ways to “win,” the devs do say they’re hoping to use matchmaking to put the shoot-first-ask-questions-later types together away from more cooperatively minded hunters.

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Project Oasis World looks like GTAO with all the murder and mayhem stripped out

So here’s a new one for us: It’s a game called Project Oasis World, and that name seems apt because while it’s technically an MMO, it’s more a roleplaying world than a combat grinder, and it’s currently running a small Kickstarter. In fact, it kinda looks like GTAO, down to the font styling, with most of the ramming-pedestrians-with-cars stripped out and replaced with dancing, chilling at bars, fishing, growing weed, monitoring your bladder bar, and leveling up your corn-husking skills. I started that sentence teasing, but as I’m finishing it out, it kinda sounds fun.

Project Oasis World is a new MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) that aims to create a living, breathing online world. Our unique player run economies are what make Project Oasis stand out in the MMORPG world. Imagine hundreds of players interacting with each other in a free open world sandbox environment. You choose who you are, what you wear, how you get around, how you earn your living, how you spend your free time. Your only goal: to live.”

The Kickstarter seeks $25,000 to complete the core game demo, with animals, vehicles, and rental housing going up the stretch goal ladder. The studio is aiming for PC early access within a year, is “laying the initial groundwork to be VR accessible in the future,” and is planning multiple new character roles post-Kickstarter, including “a law enforcer job, criminal job, agricultural role, and a manufacturing role.”

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Grab a Survived By closed beta key from Digital Extremes and MOP [All gone!]

Digital Extremes’ retro permadeath/bullet-hell MMO Survived By entered closed beta yesterday and rolled out a patch with a new 10-man raid, hardmode dungeons, UI buffs, and a graphics upgrade. But what good does that do you, person reading this who has no closed beta key?

We can fix that: In celebration of the CBT, DE has granted Massively OP 2000 keys to get our readers into the game right now. Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab one of these keys!

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