Habbo Hotel releases a throwback 2005-era version of the social MMO called Habbo Hotel Origins


If you’ve suddenly got a jonesing to experience the isometric pixelated nostalgia of the social MMO Habbo Hotel, you’ve got options. There’s the normal version of the game, there’s the terrible play-to-earn version, or there’s now a third version that really leans in to the old school vibe with Habbo Hotel: Origins, which re-releases the old-school hangout spot from 2005.

“If you played in 2005, the hotel should feel exactly as you remember it. We’ve been meticulous about ensuring the ‘feel’ of the hotel mimics how things were over 18 years ago. That means roller stacking, the hand, and sparkly HC badges. There are no sellable clothing items, no LTDs, no Collectibles and no pet dragons.”

While Origins seeks to relive Habbo’s past, it has applied some modern safety features including an updated “call for help” button to bring things to the attention of mods, additional profile options, and one-time password functionality to protect user accounts. Sulake is also talking up an approach to updates that will be driven by player polls, with the first one asking if the game should bring back player moderator Hobbas.

As for what’s next, the devs have unearthed roughly 100 old campaigns from 2004 to 2008 that they plan to run through with necessary tweaks, along with some previously unreleased features on top. For those who fondly remember this virtual chat room or want to see just what social gaming was like back then, you now have this choice.

source: official site via Rock Paper Shotgun, thanks to Yrys for the tip!
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