The EverQuest Online Adventures Revival server is pushing onward toward a public release


EverQuest II’s Anashti Sul server isn’t the only EverQuest – or EverQuest throwback – making waves right now, as an MOP tipster reminded us that the EverQuest Online Adventures Revival rogue server is continuing to chug along in development. In the game’s June update, the player team says that it’s making significant progress and has implemented and updated leveling through questing and killing mobs, as well as updated merchants, many level 1-20 quests, fleshed-out NPC dialogue, banking, smithing, loot, dynamic respawns, and updated combat.

The update allows testers to reach level 60, though there are plenty of caveats: The leveling isn’t smooth yet as all of the quests and grinding camps aren’t in yet, and there’s a lot of WIP in these patch notes. Still, this patch is bigger than a lot of major MMOs get.

“We’re still not ready for a public release yet as there’s more we feel we need to do before then but things are getting closer,” the devs write.

Source: EQOA Emu. Cheers, Christopher!
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