Pax Dei outlines update plans for housing, combat, and economy over its year-long early access


Ready or not, the MMORPG world is less than 24 hours from the early access release of the sandbox Pax Dei, which is occasion enough for developer Mainframe Industries to follow up its earlier pronouncement of the kind of game it is (and isn’t) with another message that grants a broad strokes look at the road ahead.

The outline is broken up into the MMORPG’s three stated gameplay pillars of homesteading, adventure, and civilization, all of which will be expanded on over the course of the title’s projected year-long early access period. That said, most of these plans don’t have any sort of release date or arrival timing.

For housing lovers, the studio plans on adding more building pieces, adding more depth to crafting, and improving skill progression. On the combative side, Mainframe acknowledges that combat needs work but also points out that improving this side of the game will be a slow process. Still, the studio promises to make adjustments with every patch, along with plans to add more things like weapons and enemies, improve crowd control and role specialization, and balance spells and special maneuvers for PvE and PvP.

Finally for the civilization segment of the MMO, that mostly zeroes in on establishing a robust player economy, with the inclusion of player-built market stalls, introducing altars and miracles, and adding roles that sit outside of clan role assignment such as knights and soldiers. Aspirations continue to be extremely lofty here, with a choice of roles and systems, the ability for players to engage with in-game political intrigue, and the weaving of a “rich social tapestry” as part of the overall vision. It’s part promise, part pie-in-the-sky, and all laid out before players here.

source: Twitter
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