Hopefully this leads to better things.

Indie Afrofantasy MMO Wagadu Chronicles has opened its early access doors today

"Today is a big day. The Wagadu Chronicles is finally accessible to the world." So begins Twin Drums' announcement that its Afrofantasy MMORPG has...
Popcorn appropriately.

Project Boston was Activision-Blizzard’s attempt to create a ‘Steam of mobile’ games store

The point of the Epic v. Google antitrust lawsuit is ostensibly about whether Google is holding a monopoly that prevents competitors like Epic from...

Destiny 2 swiftly stops sales of a baffling Starter Pack after players drag Bungie for the bundle

What do you think would be included in a Starter Pack for Destiny 2? Do you envision some currency? Perhaps access to an expansion...

EverQuest players are raising the alarm over an economy-crushing dupe exploit

The EverQuest community is up in arms over what's being perceived as a meager response to a major problem that has reportedly crashed...

Destiny 2 details Season of the Wish’s weapon, reward adjustments, and next dungeon launch date

Destiny 2's community team is continuing to try to make its players focus on November 28th's Season of the Wish arrival and less on...
treasure hunting is one step from lockboxes

The Daily Grind: How dedicated are you to wealth generation in MMOs?

There was a span of time a few years back when I heavily engaged with the World of Warcraft economy to make as much...

Star Wars: The Old Republic previews the updated Galactic Trade Network on the test server

For those of you who are used to the art of the deal on Star Wars: The Old Republic, you should be aware that...

Maxing all of MMO sandbox BitCraft’s core progression skills will take a player ‘years’

With its sights set on alpha in 2024, Clockwork Labs' sandbox BitCraft is continuing to peel back its layers for potential players in another...

New World uses wealth-disparity tools and trade indices to balance its economy

This week's New World Forged in Aeternum video is a meaty one, at least if you're the type of MMORPG player who gets all...

Destiny 2 details vault access changes and further cost adjustments coming in Season 23

As the current season of Destiny 2 nears its end and the new one looms, Bungie is continuing to outline several updates to the...

Perfect Ten: Solid MMOs you might be sleeping on in 2023

For today's list, I wanted to take a different approach to recommending MMORPGs to you. I know we often talk about underrated titles, but...

LOTRO Legendarium: What could a LOTRO challenge server look like?

Lord of the Rings Online's legendary server experiments aren't done yet. Even though it's been a while since we've seen a new shard come...
It's old.

Massively Overthinking: What’s the most chaotic behavior you’ve seen from MMO players?

A week or two ago, I found myself discussing Ultima Online by way of trying to convince our work chat that players often do...

MMORPG sandbox BitCraft sets alpha for early 2024, picks up Austin Wintory and Rachel Hardy for the score

Earlier this week in our coverage of BitCraft's crafting and economy deep-dive, we pointed out that studio Clockwork Labs has been teasing something big...

Palia’s latest open beta patch scorches cooking (and cake parties) with big nerfs

It was a bit delayed this week, but Palia's 0.169 patch did indeed roll out last night, bringing with it a theme of change...

MMORPG sandbox BitCraft details the importance of core-skills and interdependence in its crafting systems

Clockwork Labs has been teasing... something for BitCraft over the course of September, noting just a week or two ago that it's been a...

New World rebuts ‘pay-to-win’ accusations from PvPers eyeing Rise of the Angry Earth’s item level bumps

Amazon's Scot Lane, David Verfaillie, and Katy Kaszynski are back with a new video for New World, its 50th Forged in Aeternum, and because...

Elder Scrolls Online says it won’t punish players using gifting to swap gold for crowns

At the top of the month, ZeniMax Online Studios annoyed Elder Scrolls Online players with a "pause" of in-game gifting, a decision it attributed...

The Daily Grind: What’s the smallest MMO you actively play?

Smallest in terms of playerbase size, that is. I wondered about this the other day when I was writing up a piece that included mention...

Black Desert PC raises item costs to counter inflation, dates guild war adjustments, and adds spooky ships

A whole lot of stuff is once again happening in the PC version of Black Desert, and I'm not feeling clever enough to try...