Palia will reduce its beta release cadence – but not its content quantity – in 2024


Singularity 6 is apparently back from holidays and ready with some downer news for Palia. The studio’s dev update essentially begins by admitting to players that it cannot keep up with a cadence that pushed out nine patches and 15 hotfixes in five months. It’s reducing that to one big patch a month, ideally with the same overall amount of content and fixes during what is still technically its F2P open beta.

“We […] don’t want to discount what it takes for a dev team to commit to such a schedule,” S6 says. “Going into 2024, we’re going to adjust our cadence to be closer to one major update a month (with room for some content drops in between), especially now that Palia is on multiple platforms. Of course, we want to clarify: this isn’t to say that we’ll be adding less overall. If anything, it’ll be just as much content, but at a different pace than what was done before. The intention is to ensure our updates are at a quality level that the game deserves to be, and what you, as our players, deserve to experience.”

The first patch of the year, 0.176, will therefore hit at the end of January or start of February. That update will bring Winterlights to a close and reintroduce the Maji Market in time for Luna New Year (not a typo). “Expect an even bigger and better event in store at the fairgrounds,” the team promises. “Exciting new activities such as a hotpot game inspired by mahjong will make their debut. And of course, tons of new fireworks, foods, and furniture options for Palians to grab while enjoying the event.”

The dev blog further outlines plans to address bugs, “resource nodes, general economy balancing, and player progression flow.”

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