Microsoft’s in-development cloud-native MMO Pax Dei promises scaling complexity and multi-device access


Microsoft’s work on an MMO isn’t the newest news. Readers will recall the project – a cloud-native MMO being developed by Mainframe – came up earlier this month during the Xbox Two podcast. This developing title now has a few additional details thanks to some scuttlebutt from unnamed sources who spoke with a VentureBeat reporter.

According to those sources, the game has the working title of Pax Dei, and its cloud-native foundation allows the game’s world to be accessed from mobile devices and PC. Furthermore, the complexity of certain activities are scaled to either of those two platforms; crafting and gathering is noted as better for mobile access, while activities like raids are best suited for PC play. Pax Dei’s benefits could also extend into game dev overall, as Xbox is reportedly excited about how the game’s development could demonstrate how to clear the hurdles of cloud-based game creation.

None of these tidbits grant any sort of timeline for when this game will release, of course, but we are slowly starting to get an idea of the shape of the game at least.

source: VentureBeat, IGN
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