Epic asks the court to deny Apple the right to postpone its anti-steering measures

The evil daddies are fighting agai- well, still.

So let’s recap a little bit. The one major victory that Epic won in its lawsuit against Apple was about steering people to only purchase currency through Apple’s store. The court found that the practice was invalid and set a deadline of December 9th as a date when Apple would have to allow purchase directly through means supported by app developers, but Apple has subsequently filed for an appeal and argued to the court that it should be allowed to delay any changes until the appeal process has been completed.

Epic is now arguing to the court that Apple should not be granted this delay and should adhere to the originally set date, stating that Apple’s appeals process could drag on for years and that the company has failed to show any material harm from this change in policy. It’s worth noting that Epic has also been told Fortnite will not be allowed back on the store until Apple had exhausted its appeals, so it remains to be seen whether denying this particular move will have any immediate upshot for Epic in the first place.

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