Look overpowered (and support Massively OP) in our first Mo t-shirt


You’ve been checking out our gift guides for the last few weeks, and now we have a special one just for our fans: Massively OP’s gift guide for the Massively OP fan. And there’s just one thing on it!

The official I Am Massively Overpowered t-shirt featuring Mo the knight!


We get requests on a weekly basis to sell swag, especially t-shirts and the like, and we’ve been exploring our options to do just that. Eventually, we’ll have a larger-scale swag shop with lots and lots of options (I’ve seen the prototype!), but we wanted to offer something simple and “limited edition” for Christmas too!

Massively OP takes a rather generous cut of the profit from vendor Teespring on each shirt, so if you’ve wanted to donate to the site outside of Patreon or show your appreciation for our coverage this year, this is a great way to do it and get something in return. Plus, Mo is just cool.

Thanks for your support — stay OP!

PS: If you’re buying Christmas stuff through Amazon this month, consider clicking through to Amazon from Massively OP. It helps our affiliate earnings and costs you nothing but a click. Everybody wins! :D

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