EVE’s ‘ISIS’ ship browser gets a rename


EVE Online’s Operation Frostline patch yesterday brought to light an intriguing change: a new name for the game’s ship browser, the Interbus Ship Identification System, otherwise known as… ISIS.

But the change wasn’t made for the reason you might assume. CCP_Falcon has told players that CCP didn’t swap names on account of politics.

“[T]he renaming has nothing to do with ‘ISIS’ being a name used by any real life terrorist group,” he told Reddit. “I questioned Development about this when I saw the proposed name change internally, because if that was the reason then I was set to oppose it. The reasoning for the change is the fact that the name is too obscure for new players, and might confuse them. Will pass the feedback from this thread on to the team working on it :).”

Source: Reddit via Kotaku
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