EVE Online releases its December patch with Operation Frostline


The winter holidays are very different when you are in space and literally everyone is threatening to blow your ship up. That’s hardly the only thing included in EVE Online‘s December patch; it also includes 13 new ships, the new Micro Jump Field Generator, and a massive increase to grid size. Modules have been rebalanced, killmarks have been added for ship hulls, all of that fun stuff. But there is a holiday event running, too, and that in and of itself is pretty spiffy.

Operation Frostline isn’t just a holiday event, however, as it’s also leading into the narrative structure of the game’s big release in the spring of next year. Players will be alerted about several hotspots in which an NPC corporation’s holdings can be freely raided for loot, with the obvious caveat that other players will also be there along with said corporation’s security forces. New ship appearances and other holiday-themed goodies are available, so players who want to get in on the spirit should jump in, enjoy the patch improvements, and start celebrating the holiday EVE-style.

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