Wayfinder’s early access starts August 15 for founder’s pack purchasers


If August wasn’t already going to be an intense no-holds-barred throwdown between new releases, expansions, and updates, Wayfinder is wading into next month with its early access program. The MMO-styled RPG announced on Thursday that it’s aiming to launch into early access on August 15th alongside of its first founder’s season on Steam and PlayStation.

Those who want to get this early start to the title (which is going to launch as a free-to-play game later in 2023) will need to buy one of four founder’s packs. These range from $20 to $150 and include the full “reward tower” (read: permanent battle pass) for the first season. The more expensive packs also cover the second founder’s season as well.

Airship Syndicate said that each season’s paid reward tower won’t ever go defunct, allowing players all the time they want to unlock its rewards (although the free versions are only available during that season). Future seasons will contain a free track as well as a paid one, albeit with fewer rewards. Each reward tower contains weapon skins, character unlocks, housing decorations, and pets.

Alongside the August 15th early access date and the founder’s packs, the studio also revealed the newest Wayfinder, a ranged attacker named Venomess, who has to be earned or purchased to play.

Source: Wayfinder
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