WoW Classic opens new servers to meet Season of Discovery demand


It looks as if the launch of the Season of Discovery for WoW Classic is getting pretty popular, as Blizzard now has two more servers in order to meet the demand of eager players wanting to get in on the rune-finding action.

According to Blizzard’s tweet, the season realms were “the largest in WoW history,” but they still weren’t large enough to get everyone in and playing, so two more realms named Chaos Bolt have been opened for NA and EU players. The tweet also promises that the studio is keeping an eye on realm populations and the near 50/50 split between both factions on the PvP servers. Meanwhile, the WoW Classic subreddit is absolutely alive with chatter about the season.

Otherwise the season servers got a small update that limits what trinkets can be earned in phase one, confirms the start of the Stranglethorn Fishing Tournament during phase two, and caps PvP ranks to rank three during this first phase.

sources: Twitter, official forums (1, 2), Reddit
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