World of Warcraft Classic’s Season of Discovery officially launches today

Classic, classic.

If you think that you’re pretty familiar with World of Warcraft in its classic incarnation by now, you probably are; it’s not as if this is new content. But the newest way to play WoW Classic is all about turning the way you play on its head. Not by killing you permanently every time you look at a murloc, but by allowing you to find new runes that give you new abilities and alter the basics of your class. Want to be a tanking Warlock? A healing Mage? A Warrior who pets cats? Wait, you could be that one anyway, disregard that last item.

The new realm type goes live today at 4:00 p.m. EST and will also keep you at a lower level while you play, since the new cap is level 25 and the endgame is the 10-person Blackfathom Deeps raid version. If you’re eager to play familiar content in a markedly unfamiliar way, your ship has come in this evening. If you are mostly here for the cats… well, as we said above, cats were always on the table. There have been cats in the game the whole time.

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