RuneScape applies player hitlist fixes, lets Necromancers use XP items, and preps another combat refresh beta


Players of RuneScape have made a hitlist for Jagex to follow, and starting with this week’s patch, those targets are being taken out. Of course those targets are adjustments and fixes to the MMORPG and not, you know, actual people; we’re pretty sure that Jagex is a game studio and not a contract killer warehouse.

The hitlist adjustments encompass the usual suite of granular updates including fire spirit adjustments, better looking animals, improvements to player-owned farms, and behavior for herb and gem bags, but then these are also matters that the playerbase has deemed important and so the patch notes will probably host a lot of exciting details for regular fans.

Other important notes in the game’s weekly newsletter include confirmation of another beta test of the game’s combat refresh that’s scheduled for this Thursday, January 25th, and a lifted “embargo” for Necromancers that will now allow them to use XP boosting items like lamps and stars.

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