RuneScape offers a deep-dive into its latest general combat improvements arriving March 4

Sure, you get a nod this year.

When RuneScape put out its Necromancy skill, it did so alongside some specific combat updates that were so well-received by the playerbase that gamers clamored for them to come to other combat skill lines. Now the time for those adjustments is nigh as Jagex will be releasing a wide-ranging combat refresh on Monday, March 4th, which is detailed in an equally all-encompassing dev blog on the subject.

The post follows the studio’s usual levels of granularity, starting first with a recap of the entire development process to this point, then followed by multiple paragraphs that outline overall changes, plans for what’s next, and a lengthy set of combat-focused patch notes.

On the subject of the overall adjustments, players can expect hit chance to represent reduced damage instead of accuracy, simplified crit chance, an increase to damage caps, less variance in damage ranges, and improvements to tooltips, action bars, and channeled ability UI. The devs further promise to act on bugs and initial feedback, followed by additional polls and surveys as they further refine specific combat matters. Until then, there are a whole bunch of updates coming soon.

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