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The second part of War of Thorns is live now for World of Warcraft

It’s time to set a really big tree on fire with this week’s update to World of Warcraft’s pre-patch War of Thorns. Last week saw the Horde marching on Darkshore, and this week sees Sylvanas… well, reaching Teldrassil and then the tree burns down. We all knew this was going to happen from last year; it’s not exactly a spoiler.

Completing the scenarios allows you to unlock a special mount for both factions (a Teldrassil Hippogryph for the Alliance and a Lordaeron Plaguebat for the Horde), as well as furthering the story and allowing you to view the next Warbringers short for Sylvanas. You can also view that just below if you want, but be fairly warned that it’s both spoiler-heavy and, well, the final nail in the coffin for any hopes that this expansion isn’t just setting up Sylvanas as the big bad. Fairly warned be ye.

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London Spitfire topped this weekend’s Overwatch League world championship as second season franchise buy-ins climb

The Overwatch League’s first season grand finals have wrapped up, and the London Spitfire has emerged as the world victor. The Spitfire shut out the Philadelphia Fusion by the end of the second match with a 3-0 win.

The event was the culmination of a much-ballyhooed first season, which took place over 40 matches this year. The grand finals took place at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, with 22,434 people attending to watch the highly competitive esport showdown take place. It was even broadcast live on ESPN, ESPN 2, Disney XD, and Twitch.

So other than bragging rights, what do the members of team Spitfire get for their win? They walked away from the grand finals with a cool million dollars lining their pockets. Don’t feel too bad for the Fusion, however, because they still got $400,000 for second place.

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The MOP Up: Citadel gets reignited (July 29, 2018)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

Maybe you’ll discover a new game in this space — or be reminded of an old favorite! This week we have stories and videos from TERAVindictusRealm RoyalePath of ExileElder Scrolls OnlineLeague of LegendsMy DinoCitadel: Forged with FirePUBGArmored WarfarePaladinsDiablo IIIEVE Online, and Star Trek Online, all waiting for you after the break!

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The Elder Scrolls Online encourages players to visit Orsinium with its August event

It’s currently Midyear Mayhem in The Elder Scrolls Online, an event running until August 6th encouraging you to go hog wild on PvP. But perhaps even that isn’t enough to convince you to get into PvP combat. So maybe you’ll be more enticed to return to Orsinium with a special promotional event starting on August 2nd; you can pick up the base DLC for 750 Crowns (75% off!) and the collector’s edition for 2000 Crowns (60% off!), along with thematic housing items to boot.

But what if you already own it? Oh, there’s still an event running; through the duration of the Orsinium event you get double the items from harvesting nodes, double the chest rewards in the Maelstrom Arena, and double the rewards from daily quests in the area. So go ahead and double down on some Orc-related adventures while your rewards double up.


Lord of the Rings Online brings Christmas to July

Just because it’s the middle of the summer doesn’t mean that Middle-earth can’t enjoy some frosty fun! Lord of the Rings Online is bringing back its Yule Festival next week for a special encore that also contains a special surprise.

From July 31st through August 7th, players can head back to Winter-home where a new quest and reward awaits them. Those participating should note that LOTRO is now limiting the maximum number of festival tokens to 40, so make sure you spend yours so as not to waste any!

“A new quest has arrived in Frostbluff called Stolen Sweets!” the patch notes mention. “Visit snowy locations throughout Middle-earth to recover stolen treats for the poor children of Winter-home, and earn the rewards of a white Yule Rabbit and the title ‘Bringer of Sweets!’ The quest is bestowed by the Frostbluff Stable-master. This new quest can be completed once during the run of the Vacation on Frostbluff event, and does not require visiting regions above level 50. Additionally, the other activities available during the Yuletide Festival are now available!”

Source: Patch notes. Thanks Fredelas!


Champions Online brings back its Nighthawk event, creates the Samurai archetype

If a hawk is cool, a Nighthawk is four times as cool. Champions Online knows this, which is why it’s bringing back its Nighthawk event to keep players busy over the next two weeks.

By investigating a crime wave that seems linked to the definitely-not-Batman superhero, players can snag themselves a couple of thousand Questionite and various pieces of Nighthawk’s costume. It’s OK, he’s got spares to go around. And hey, it’s also a bonus Questionite week as well, so double the rewards sounds pretty good to us!

Champions Online recently added a new archetype to the game, the Samurai. This “honorable warrior and a master of the blade” specializes in fast close quarters combat.


EVE Online sparks a 4,000-strong player battle

EVE Online seems to make the most waves when its community pulls off a major scam, destroys a ship worth way too much real-world money, or triggers massive wars that would be all but impossible in most other MMOs.

It looks as though another war is brewing for the space sandbox, as last week saw a “brawl of biblical proportions” at UALX-3, where around 4,000 players engaged in high-stakes combat. The fight threw Goonswarm and the Imperium against the Pandemic Legion and allies, turning this battle into a grudge match that came out of 2016’s World War Bee player event.

The battle at UALX-3 didn’t go well for Pandemic Legion, which found itself trapped and unable to retreat for a while. It took several days before players could evacuate their capital ships from the blockade that the Imperium set up.

Polygon posits that this battle is the start (or continuation) of a war that will grow even larger considering the sheer size of the organizations involved.

Source: Polygon


PWE’s Gigantic plans a heroic sendoff for its final weekend

“It’s time to give Gigantic one last hurrah!”

Even as the MOBA was given a death warrant earlier this year, you never got the sense that PWE disliked or was ashamed of the game at all. On the contrary, there seems to be some fondness for this MOBA-that-couldn’t, which is perhaps why the company is giving Gigantic a special sendoff.

Tomorrow, July 27th, the team will host a livestream to show off various content that never went live on the servers and give out Gigantic-themed swag to its community. Popular MOBA streamers will come to play a few last matches and give the game the farewell it deserves.

Gigantic had been in trouble since late 2017, when developer Motiga closed its doors. A couple of months after that, PWE announced that the game would be closing on July 31st, 2018, due to low numbers and revenue.

Source: Gigantic


The Stream Team: Frivolity in Guild Wars 2’s Festival of the Four Winds

Feel like racing as a dolyak? You can in Guild Wars 2’s latest festival! Although Festival of the Four Winds isn’t new (it has been on a four-year hiatus), it is new to Massively OP’s MJ. And she’s eager to experience it — especially the dolyak racing. Can she be quick on those stubby little feet? Tune in live at 8:00 p.m. to revel with her.

What: Guild Wars 2
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 8:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

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Bless Online: Server merges, compensation, and ‘summer camp’ with daily rewards

Bless Online’s planned western server merges are live as of today as 15 servers merge down to four, two per region. Neowiz has compensation planned, of course, and the rules for how guilds, character deactivation, and character names are lengthy.

“As compensation for the server consolidation maintenance, Premium Membership buffs that were active during the maintenance time will be extended by 24 hours. However, please be aware that players must connect to the game within the 7 day period from July 25 (after maintenance is complete) to August 1st (08:30 PDT) to receive the buff extension. 1,000 Lumena has been added to players’ account inboxes as an expression of our thanks to users who have waited for server consolidation.”

Have you missed out on the whole summer camp experience this season? The good news is that you can get a virtual taste of it thanks to Bless Online’s new summer camp login event. Starting today and running through August 31st, players can grab a free reward every day by logging onto the fantasy MMO and clicking on a single button. You’ll want to be faithful in doing this, as you only get better rewards by logging in cumulatively.

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Black Desert finally answers the eternal MMORPG question: Who does laundry in this gameworld?

So who washes all the clothes your toons wear in MMORPGs? This is a topic that needs to be explored… in some other article. This piece does involve laundry, but it’s much weirder than just washing clothes: In Black Desert, players are going to be merely collecting sunken laundry and turning it in to the adorable Crio for treasure maps.

I didn’t say it was going to make sense. At least it’s something different from being a murder hobo.

The rest of this week’s patch adds a few more bits and bobs to Kakao’s sandbox, including a new level 60 challenge: “During the event period, a new Challenge to reach Lv.60 has been added via Challenges tab (Y). (Once per Family allowed). Adventurers who have achieved Lv.60 with their characters before the maintenance will have the Challenge completed automatically upon logging-in. Trina Knights First Captain’s Support Kit (7 Days) will require at max 34 Inventory Slots free in order to obtain all components inside.”

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Blade & Soul’s False Idols update brings new raids, better subscription benefits

Once the servers come back up today, Blade & Soul is going to have a lot to offer its fans thanks to the new False Idols content update.

The core of the patch is undoubtedly a pair of 12-player raids called Hall of the Keeper and Hall of the Templar. These challenging instances are recommended for at least level 55 characters and contain one boss each that holds a lot of desirable loot apiece. The update also beefs up the benefits for premium memberships and makes a ton of changes to core items and systems.

Players looking for a little more light-hearted fun can jump into the Fortune Falls event that’s running through August 15th. “Challenge Kegleg Jeg and his Ploggles in Fortune Falls,” NCsoft invited, “and then fish up some surprises in Jadestone Village. This event gives players a chance to upgrade their Fleeting Pet Aura to exchange for rewards, including a permanent Awakened Hongmoon Pet Aura!”

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Monster Hunter World is running a championship event this weekend

One of the core parts of Monster Hunter World (and every title in the franchise) is that it usually doesn’t matter how you take the monsters down so long as you do so. Even a slow takedown is a good one. But when the championship event for the title starts on July 28th, the rules are different, as groups of players will compete to take down monsters faster than anyone else. It’s a real test of skill to pit players against beasts not just to defeat them, but to do it quickly. And with panache, if possible.

Registration for the tournament is open until July 26th, but the event is being held in San Francisco, so odds are that you probably should already be prepared if you want to take it on. (It’s not really a weekend jaunt sort of thing.) The winners will get to represent the US in the finals at the Tokyo Game Show as well as a trophy and themed watches, so best of luck to the participants trying to bag a big monster efficiently.


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