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Crowfall goes dark today with a slim hope of a future return

For an MMO that's all about death and reincarnation, there's either irony or hope in Crowfall going offline today supposedly for retooling. Whether or...
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The Daily Grind: Do you care about world firsts in MMOs?

I don't care much about world firsts in MMOs, but I've certainly been guilded with people who cared a lot, even before games started...
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World of Warcraft’s lead narrative designer Steve Danuser tries to clarify Titan waters affecting dragon whelps

As of this writing, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is not yet available for players, but already some of the new lore for the expansion...

Sea of Thieves Season Eight brings a boatload of factional PvP features on November 22

Sea of Thieves has open FFA PvP baked in by default, and that doesn't look to be going anywhere in the game's next season....

The Daily Grind: Have you ever learned anything useful from MMOs?

Earlier this fall, my family went on a hike in our favorite spot to check out the autumn foliage, and my husband started talking...

Blade & Soul warns against Windwalk Race cheaters and hands out achievement bug recompense

Blade & Soul is only on week two of its Great Windwalk Race and already people are trying to cheat in the activity, forcing...

One Shots: I just got catfished

Catfishing used to be a delectable activity. Then the internet came along, and it turned into something dark and sinister. So let's applaud Final...
But what awaits...

The Daily Grind: What’s a piece of cosmetic gear you always seek out in MMOs?

It may not surprise anyone reading this that I wear glasses. I don't actually wear them most of the time because I need them,...

Global Chat: Do SWTOR’s companions carry the player?

Due to issues of pride and fear of snarky comments, most of us might not admit to ever being carried through MMO content. But...

Lord of the Rings Online’s community goes bonkers for a boulder nicknamed Dwayne Johnson

One would think that the arrival of a small Lord of the Rings Online expansion (or huge content update, take your pick) this past...

WRUP: Secret lives I am currently living edition

Secret Life #7: According to the registration records of a post office box in Milwaukee and the message board of the Milwaukee Book Appreciation...

The Daily Grind: What’s a fair length of time to judge whether an MMO is for you?

One thing I've been struggling with over the past couple of years is the sense that I as a player and we as a...

Neverwinter offers a Drow-related reward for players along with an interview for The Way of the Drow

Do you want some Drow? Neverwinter has plenty of Drow. The Way of the Drow is going to provide you with all the Drow...

The Stream Team: Experiencing Undecember in November

What is an Undecember exactly? For our purposes it's a multiplayer ARPG, and while MOP's Chris is not likely to find answers on just...
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Blue Protocol will be published by Smilegate in South Korea

After an exceedingly long wait for any information about the game, Blue Protocol fans are finally getting some solid information about the game in...

WoW Factor: First impressions of the Dracthyr Evoker

With the second part of the Dragonflight pre-patch live, I have now been granted an ability I did not particularly want in World of...

The Daily Grind: What’s the least appealing weapon in MMOs?

A few weeks ago, MOP reader Bruno was joking with me about how crap it was that Hobbit Champions in Lord of the Rings...

Massively Overthinking: Changing ‘mains’ in MMOs

When I first started MMOs, the idea of mains and alts was bizarre to me. Why would I spend time on a second character...

World of Warcraft’s Morgan Day addresses class tuning and design for Dragonflight

Class tuning in World of Warcraft is something that has been argued about basically since the game first launched and continues to be debated,...

MMO veteran Scott Hartsman discusses why overseas game publishing is so messy

All right, so Blizzard and Netease are no longer working together for publishing the former studio's games in China. That's significant, but it should...