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The Stream Team: Deep-diving the new deep dungeon of Final Fantasy XIV

With patch 6.35, we've seen quite a few things added to Final Fantasy XIV, but one of those things that haven't been experienced by...

Wolcen launches Endgame update with new story chapter and massive progress reset

More than three years after its launch, multiplayer Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has at last provided a conclusion to its main story with its...
Ships, but they fight.

EVE Online changes the rules for factional warfare in latest update

The cutthroat nature of EVE Online means that sometimes you might have to choose between the player corporation you want to work for and...

World of Warcraft promises more race-class combos, discusses affixes, cross-faction guilds, and cadence

Do you want more class and race combinations in World of Warcraft? Possibly the additional ones we already know exist, like Night Elf Paladins...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO micro-dev team has your full respect?

Not every MMO has the same sized dev team. Some are massive, spreading across multiple departments. Some are modest but flexible. Some games have...

Ukraine-based STALKER 2 dev studio has been hacked and blackmailed by a pro-Russian group

We haven't been tracking the development trajectory of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl very closely, particularly since it's projecting a December 2023 launch with...

Massively on the Go: Why Pokemon Go elite raids fail while Scarlet/Violet tera raids fly

As we recently noted while updating our March Pokemon Go event round-up, Niantic has somehow made the already hated Elite Raids even worse. The...

Choose My Adventure: Embers Adrift defeats me

You know how last week I mentioned I was mad? Well now I'm just disappointed. Mostly in myself, but also in Embers Adrift. To preface,...

The Daily Grind: Which ‘holiday’ deserves more MMORPG events?

My friends, today is March 14th, aka 3/14, aka π day, aka pi day, aka pie day, and as such, it provides the perfect...

After 14 years, Enjin drops guild site building tools in favor of blockchain and NFT tech

It has been a very long time since the name of Enjin crossed our minds. Long-time MMORPG gamers will recognize it as a service...

6000 EVE Online players and four alliances went to war over the weekend

Yesterday ended up being a great day for another large-scale EVE Online scrum as over 6,000 players from Imperium, B2, Winter Co, and PanFam...
Game for sale!

The Daily Grind: What could MMO studios do to add value to their subscriptions?

When Blizzard first announced World of Warcraft's trading post and yet didn't actually include anything particularly objectionable, pay-to-win, or RMT, I thought it seemed...

The Stream Team: Going back into New World for more leveling and hunting

MOP's Chris is once again feeding his need for New World. It's another generally aimless jaunt through the game as he looks to earn...

SMITE studio promises to hunt and ban accounts tied to a harassment campaign that targeted women

Titan Forge Games, aka the Hi-Rez Studios team behind SMITE, are making it very plain that targeted harassment will not be tolerated. The studio...

Star Citizen’s alpha 3.18 craters its initial launch, causing players to riot across the internet

Alpha 3.18 was meant to be Star Citizen's "biggest update yet," but what appears to have happened is a spectacularly buggy launch instead, causing...

One Shots: Apparent trap

Against all odds, Scott found a doppelganger inside a fantasy world. And if movies have taught me anything, what follows will either be a...
Crashy crashy.

The Daily Grind: What consistent MMO bugs push you out of a game?

Games crash. Seriously, it happens. Computers crash in general, games crash, and it's not exactly fun or something you want to experience, but it...
The HORSE is a noble animal.

WRUP: Where are all the video games about accidentally swallowing ipecac and throwing up all over your computer edition

Failed Plan #13: Using wolves to scare off bill collectors Apparently most bills come to the resort via mail, and the wolves mostly scared off...

The Daily Grind: What overlooked MMO do you champion to others?

It's a frustrating feeling when you see people grouse about how they're bored with the same big MMOs that everyone else is playing and...

Escape from Tarkov names-and-shames thousands of cheaters in a Google doc

Ah, welcome to Friday evening, folks, and a video game doing a little bit o' name-and-shame on some dastardly cheaters. The game is multiplayer shooter...