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Massively OP Podcast Episode 388: Elyon descends through finite care

Justin and Bree discuss WoW Classic's Wrath pre-patch, New World's new servers, Elyon's sunset, Bless Unleashed's sunset, EVE Online Uprising, Star Trek Online's Wil Wheaton, and Temtem's launch, with adventures in LOTRO, Guild Wars 2, and SWG Legends, with a lightning round of MMO questions from the mailbag.

Choose My Adventure: Hitting the reset button and getting hit in return during Temtem’s launch

To be honest, I wasn't really expecting my full reset to the launch version of Temtem to feel too different, but I also was...

The Stream Team: The quest for critters in Temtem

MOP's Chris is making his way through the opening portions of Temtem, and he's made it right to the same point he was at...

Critter-collecting MMO Temtem releases huge art book – but you’ll have to wait for the dead tree edition

As the creature collectors of Temtem will tell you, this is one MMO that's very easy on the eyes. The Pokemon-inspired game, which formally...

Betawatch: Temtem enters the launch waters

Farewell, Temtem. No, the game is not already shutting down or anything dire like that; it's just being removed from our list because we...
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Temtem defends its battle pass, plans adjustments to pass XP and inclusion of pass items to its store

The fact that Temtem has a battle pass isn't anything exactly new, as developer Crema Games announced its intention in a February 2020 roadmap...

Choose My Adventure: Hands-on with Temtem’s early access build before launch

Knowing that the Temtem character I was running was going to be reset at the time of launch, as voted on by you fine...

Temtem officially launches from early access today with 164 critters to collect

People, this is not a drill: Temtem officially launches today. The Pokémon-like MMO, which was propelled into existence with a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2018,...

Temtem posts a helpful trailer with tips prior to next week’s official launch

Are you ready to catch them all when Temtem arrives in your neighborhood next week? The crowdfunded MMORPG is finally launching on September 6th...

Choose My Adventure: Chimeraland lets its freak flag fly one last time

You remember how I wrote last week that Chimeraland was becoming comfortable and routine? That its weirdness had sort of become kind of expected...

Temtem releases a trailer detailing endgame activities ahead of its September 6 launch

The so-called "Golden Week" of dev blogs from creature collecting MMO Temtem already shared details about the Tamer's Paradise archipelago, an endgame-focused location for...

Untamed Isles is an open world creature catching MMORPG promising 1.5M different varieties of critters

Pokemon has 898 creatures. Temtem has 164 Tems as of right now. Untamed Isles, an upcoming open world creature catching MMORPG from publisher/developer Phat...

Betawatch: Temtem outlines its launch monetization plans

The Temtem launch window is still a few months away, but the team behind the game has been keeping up a steady stream of...
Oh dear.

Temtem outlines PvP updates, its final archipelago, a new breeder route, and monetization

Last week, Temtem ran what it called "Golden Week" - a series of dev blogs that would outline a variety of changes made to...
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Temtem previews changes to campaign progression and Luma Tems made in its launch build

With Temtem slowly making its way to its 1.0 release on Saturday, September 6th, the devs at Crema have elected to kick off what...

Temtem talks crossplay and crossprogression ahead of its September 6 launch

With the creature collecting MMORPG Temtem making its exit from early access into full release on September 6th, players may have a few questions...
Well, let's give this a shot.

Betawatch: Embers Adrift prepares for another weekend of beta testing

It's another weekend of Embers Adrift beta testing, and there's some stuff you can do ahead of that test. If you want to, of...

‘Massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure’ Temtem formally launches September 6

If you followed MMOs back in 2018, you'll remember that Temtem was one of the big MMO Kickstarters of that year, pulling in over...

The Stream Team: Visiting the critter-filled world of Temtem

MOP's Chris is continuing his quest of checking up on games he's not been inside of in a while. This time, it's Temtem, the...

Temtem adds dojo wars, an auction house, mounts, and a Temtem Plus console DLC in newest update

The Kickstarted early access critter collecting MMORPG Temtem has released a pretty hefty update that adds, among other things, dojo wars and other dojo-related...