Make My MMO: Project Gorgon is working on an epic animal husbandry system

This week in MMO crowdfunding, MOP reader Dalton tipped us off to some fun stuff brewing in the near future for Project Gorgon. "Animal...
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Temtem steamrolls over a wide variety of bugs in its latest update

Sometimes, it's better to fix the stuff that's in your game before adding more stuff to it. That would appear to be Temtem's approach...

Make My MMO: Dragon Eye Online has entered alpha

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Dragon Eye Online, an MMO that was Kickstarted last year, hit alpha. It's a pixel MMO that touts its...

Betawatch: Temtem plans for this year and the next

You can be glib and accuse Temtem of basically being a slight variant of Pokémon, but you cannot accuse the developers of lacking ambition. Not only...

Temtem eyes a trading hall, console port, hardcore mode, and cosmetics cash shop by summer 2021

Yesterday, Crema dropped a big roadmap for Pokemon-esque MMO-lite Temtem. Deeming it the "short-term" plan, the studio elaborated on competitive matchmaking, spectator mode, chat...

Temtem’s roadmap reveals chat, guild, matchmaking updates – and player housing in 2020

Last week, amid announcing 500,000 sales of Temtem, Crema teased that it'd be dropping a full roadmap for the game's development through early access....

Make My MMO: Temtem’s 500K sales, Kickstarter’s union, Elite’s lore debate

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Temtem studio Crema announced that it has officially sold over 500,000 copies of the game across the globe -...

Temtem opens a new weekly endgame location and makes Luma critters more rare

The world of Temtem has opened a new location in its latest patch that should be pretty enticing to those who are at the...

Make My MMO: Saga of Lucimia’s challenge, Camelot Unchained’s siege demo

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Saga of Lucimia, which spent most of last year with its head down working and popped up last month...

The Stream Team: Further adventures in kitty capturing in Temtem early access

Last week, MassivelyOP's Chris and MJ were all in on capturing every kitty in sight in Temem. This week, Chris is back in the...

Temtem banned 900 cheaters, then changed its mind on granting appeals

Apparently, Temtem has borrowed a bit more from Pokemon than just its overall vibe: It's also borrowing the elder franchise's reputation for attracting the...

Make My MMO: Star Citizen’s roadmap, Camelot Unchained’s baby Colossus

This week in MMO crowdfunding, the Star Citizen community got busy stewing over the newly released roadmaps for SC and Squadron 42, which show...

The Stream Team: Starting the adventures in Temtem’s early access build

Now that the early bumps of early access have (hopefully) died down somewhat, it's time for MassivelyOP's Chris to hop in to the world...
And all sold as one, oddly.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 257: Daybreakup

Justin and Bree discuss Daybreak's split up, Tencent's Funcom bid, Torchlight Frontiers becoming a non-MMO, Temtem's early access, Rend's sunset, and DDO's new expansion, plus adventures in Neverwinter, STO, SWG, CoH, and Trove, and a mailbag discussion on changing MMO goals.
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Make My MMO: Temtem’s early access, Dual Universe’s metaverse

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Dual Universe's Jean-Christoph Baillie chatted up GamesIndustry.biz about the development of the game, suggesting a game that's essentially a...

Betawatch: Temtem moves into early access with just a bit of shakiness

Oh, Temtem, things looked fine when you were waiting to go into early access. You even had a cute trailer! And then you got...

Temtem has had a bumpy but active early access launch

It's the way of things when an MMO first launches to hit a variety of potholes along the way. So it was for Temtem,...
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Temtem ramps up for its early access launch with an anime-style launch trailer

Stress testing is over and today marks the official early access launch of Temtem, the critter collecting MMO in the style of Pokemon, and...

Make My MMO: Looks like Edengrad and Divergence Online are abandoned

This week in MMO crowdfunding, we've got a long overdue status update on a pair of crowdfunded titles on our list, Divergence Online and...

Pokemon-esque MMO Temtem is down to two last stress tests before early access next week

So, who's keeping an eye on Temtem? The Pokemon-but-better MMO has been in alpha since late 2018 and announced its pre-launch plans way back...