Temtem’s first post-launch update retools the Tamer Pass and feather drops

Oh dear.

Kickstarted critter-collecting MMO Temtem popped out its first post-launch patch this morning, and there’s quite a bit on the docket, starting with an overhaul of the Tamer Pass. Crema Games says it’s adding Tamer Pass experience to battles against NPC tamers, meaning that up to level 20, running the campaign and side quests should net players around 15 TP levels.

“While Weekly Challenges and endgame activities, unlocked after completing the story campaign, will still be the easiest and main form of progressing through the Tamer Pass, it was a mistake to leave people progressing through the campaign out of it,” the studio says. Moreover,

“All forms of gaining Tamer Pass experience now give 70% more experience, including Weekly Challenges. This experience has been added to all of your passes retroactively, too. While some of the most dedicated players have already reached level 60 on the Pass, we wanted to improve the general feeling of progression on the Tamer Pass for the regular or more casual user. Our goal is that completing the Tamer Pass feels rewarding and is something achievable for the majority of users by dedicating some hours during the week. We’ll still be keeping an eye out for progression to see if there are any further changes needed. We’re also going to do some backend work so it’s easier in the future to change these values on the fly, without the need for a new patch.”

The update also includes a long list of bug fixes and balances feather rewards.

As we type this, the servers have actually gone down a second time as Crema fixes a bug with Tem evolution on the Switch; the team says it’s working on a fix, so hopefully the downtime won’t last long.

Source: Patch notes
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