Temtem’s September 25 update includes a new challenge mode and new Mythical Temtem


Kickstarted critter-catchin’ MMO Temtem is celebrating a full year since the game’s 1.0 update launched, but it’s not been resting on its laurels. In fact, this morning it took the wraps off of its inbound 1.5 update, which apparently includes a new random-themed challenge mode, better rewards and teaming in lairs, a new casual difficulty for Dojo Rematch PvE content, dye previews in the shop, and of course, the new Mythical Temtem.

“The third and last Mythical Temtem will be landing in the game very soon! This Mythical comes with a brand new route, in a brand new area that we think will surprise and delight you! We’re dying to welcome you onboard! While we don’t want to give too many spoilers, this last Temtem’s Traits are totally new mechanics and revolve around the Doom Status Condition, so it’ll be sure to cause plenty of surprises and unexpected twists in battle. It’s also chonky, if you cared. Its name starts with a G.”

The 1.5 update releases on September 25th in conjunction with the beginning of the game’s fifth season, dubbed Endless Night; the season itself includes the new Tamer pass, cosmetics, and two events, one of them Halloween. The season will run until the end of January 2024 to give Crema “more time to polish the content [it] put[s] out.”

Incidentally, Crema released a freebie code for all players to celebrate the occasion; it’s HPPY-FULL-LNCH-DAYY and unlocks 690 feathers.

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