Overwatch teases Doomfist, lays out ambitious plans for e-sports league

Try not to act too surprised when Overwatch eventually announces Doomfist, as the studio isn’t exactly being subtle in its leadup to the team shooter’s next playable character. To wit, Overwatch posted a fake news report concerning an attack on the Talon organization by Mr. Fist. It turns out his ultimate goal was to secure his namesake’s weapon.

Apart from Doomfist, Blizzard is putting a lot of effort in getting its upcoming Overwatch League off of the ground, which it calls the “most ambitious effort” in e-sports history. A GamesIndustry report covers the multiple approaches that the studio is taking for this effort, including securing advertisers, grooming local fan bases, and attracting serious teams.

“The ambition of this league is bigger than anything I’ve seen since I’ve been in e-sports, and I’ve been around since almost day one,” MLG founder Mike Sepso said. “It will require partners with expertise in e-sports team management, and the resources — capital, human and otherwise — to really dig in and build this thing.”

Ambitious or not, Overwatch League is reportedly struggling to get off the ground in the wake of a “stagnated” competitive scene in the game itself.

Source: Overwatch, GamesIndustry.biz. Thanks, KumiKaze!
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Considering EG just apparently dropped consideration for their OW team or something, it’s sounding like a lot of the big esports teams aren’t on board.

It’s really confusing watching Blizzard try to get OW esports going, this should be a cakewalk between its popularity, Blizzard’s funding/infrastructure (sup MLG ownership), and the fact that a lot of pros seemed to want to play it…but it sure seems like it’s having a pretty rocky start.

Danny Smith

Its simple: Whats balanced and are ultimates ‘fair’ when teams can have vastly different ones to use? Do they start banning mercy because of her res? or no reapers allowed?

Its not the kind of game where you load in and everyone has the same base weapons and know ‘shotgun spawns here, rocket launcher spawns there’. Its a balancing nightmare.

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Except we’ve already got plenty of esports titles that are largely built around team comp/counter-comp picking, while OW isn’t a MOBA the scene has proven that team composition is a valid aspect of the overall esports “game”.

Yeah, it’s not going to have the tightness and predictability, and near pure focus on skill as a game like Counterstrike, but it’s very well positioned to have a pretty thriving esports league.

The issues seems less to do with pros not wanting to play/the game not being capable of supporting esports (they do seem to want to play, and it very much will), and more about how Blizzard is bringing their esports visions to light, or how they’re stumbling in their attempts to do so.

Bruno Brito

Agreed, but the balancing nightmare is a good point.

I mean, it’s TF3 with ultimates. Ultimates that completely change the pace of the game. If they were a bit more “fire and forget” like Paladins ultimates, it would be a bit easier on how the game paces itself.


Alongside the balancing, there are just some stuff that is pretty damn inconsistent.
(Rein’s Ult Not hitting people in the AoE, Rein’s charge NOT pinning someone on contact, Sombra’s translocator bug, McCree’s ult not hitting all targets marked, McCree’s flashbang, and…well all of Roadhog rightnow.)

I’ve been following fighting games on the ESports front, and when that buggy stuff comes up where it puts people at such an advantage/disadvantage, it’s just outright banned until it can be fixed.
I’m not too sure having 2 or more hero’s banned from competitive leagues will do Bliz any favours in getting the Esports thing up and running successfully.


I really want the Overwatch League to succeed, but I’m not sure it will even get off the ground. I think it might hinge on how well people respond to Overwatch Contenders.

Personally, I was disappointed how the group stages were done, at least for the NA side of it. The games being played on Sunday made it very difficult to justify staying up late to watch them. I live in the central time zone, and when the games began starting 1 1/2 to 2 hours later than scheduled, the final game didn’t start until around 11:30pm on a Sunday night.

Then came the actual streaming of the games. Only half the games were available to watch live, and none of the earlier matches were streamed or had commentators at all.

The final tournament of Contenders was far better in scheduling, and I think they also hit their stride with good camera angles. It was a much better watching experience than the group stages. However, it still hit the streaming pitfall of not having all the games available to watch live. Kind of frustrating.

Anyway hopefully if Contenders Season 1 can be somewhat of a success, it will help the actual Overwatch League take off.

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agemyth ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

If the official Overwatch League fails miserably, Blizzard can back off considerably and let third parties do more of the work with Blizz supervision and let it be more of a grassroots growth like most of the other big esports games. Hopefully if it comes to that it won’t be too late for Overwatch.


There are numerous Reddit posts on OW pros and streamers either moving on from OW, being burned out, or chiming in with the news on internal turmoil within teams. Blizzard must hurry up with the league or the community will reach critical mass.

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Alien Legion

I still find one of the core game mechanic, aiming, to be far too generous for any type of seriously competitive e-sport. I played a ton at launch and have dwindled down to a few matches a month. There are still way too many times that I am killed by a shot, which is clearly seen on replay, that was close, but did not hit.

And this works to my advantage because when I do play, I have a few frustrating games, dial up Widowmaker and well, close enough is just fine then. Just to me, those near-miss kills would just not translate to an e-sport very well.

Danny Smith


Random Ults dont gel with fps competitive games. The crowd craves balance to a militant degree. Go look up the halo 3 “shotgun makes the melee animation 2 frames faster” debacle labelled a “scandal”. Splatoon 2 is more likely to succeed with the esports crowd, but Blizzard really, REALLY wants to get the brood war lightning back in that bottle again assuming the market still behaves like it did in 1998.
Its the equivalent of the people who try and push Smash Bros as a serious fighting game at EVO. This is FPS smash bros to a T.

Meanwhile, at Blizzard:

viral marketing.jpg