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Forsaken Legends is ‘coming back to life’ as an MMORPG, looks at SpatialOS

One small title that we’ve been following for a few years now is Forsaken Legends, a procedural sandbox that seemed to package a bunch of creative ideas while being whipped together by a very small team. However, the game got downgraded from an MMO last year and pretty much went into hiatus as the team members had to work on other projects to pay the bills.

The interesting news this month is word that the team was able to bring back on board one of its former devs and is revving back up into full development. Even more interesting is that there was mention of the game adopting SpatialOS to enable Forsaken Legends to graduate back into the realm of a persistent world MMO.

“We’re going to be able to go back to our original game ideas we had for Forsaken Legends,” the team said. “And as long as everything pans out, we’re going to be able to have that massive, endless, persistent world, procedurally generated with tons of content.”

To generate revenue and try out techniques to use in the MMO, the team is first creating a simpler zombie survival game as a “test bed.”

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Procedural sandbox Forsaken Legends sells prelaunch access

It’s the weekend and you deserve a treat. How about word of a new fantasy MMORPG that you could play right now, albeit in an early form?

The game of the hour is Forsaken Legends, a procedural sandbox that a three-man team has been developing since October of last year. What makes this title special? According to the devs: “Simply put, the Forsaken Legends world lives, breathes, and changes. Players can literally shape the world around them by completing quests, which remove problem monsters from the area, harvesting and selling resources to towns, and much, much more!” In a change from most sandboxes announced these days, PvP won’t be everywhere but instead confined to certain areas.

The team reports that most of Forsaken Legends’ core game systems are in place, including combat and world generation, but there is a lot to do in other areas, such as art. While development has been self-funded to this point, now the devs are looking to sell access to the prelaunch title to help raise money. By purchasing a package, which can be obtained as low as $29, players can have unlimited access up until launch, after which the game will switch to monthly time cards.

You can get a feel for Forsaken Legends in the overview video below!

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