Elite Dangerous permanently reduces cash shop prices

So here’s how these kinds of MMO business model posts normally go down. We write that a game’s cash shop has received modifications, somebody on Reddit does the math and discovers players are being screwed, and the Twitterverse erupts with anger and “I am altering the deal, pray I don’t alter it any further” memes, and then a few days later, we publish the studio’s apology, and superficially it all dies down, but some people still bring it up in every single post for the next four years.

Not this time, though.

This week, Elite Dangerous, still bereft of its colon, made sweeping adjustments to its cash shop prices… for the better. Skin packs have dropped from about 7 to 4 bucks, while some skins are now priced at less than half of what they used to be. These are permanent changes, mind you, that players have long clamored for. And they’re not just for old stuff, either.

“These updated prices will reflect how similar items will priced be in future,” the studio says.

Source: Official store, official forums. Thanks, ThatLanteshGuy!
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I have a feeling they did this in response to the skin sale that happened a while back. They held a 3 day sale where all the skin packs went for $4 instead of $7. The store page was so overloaded on the first day that the store crashed. After it came back up it had errors the whole time. Took a bit of effort to get my purchases to go through. And boy did I load up on skin packs then.

Same thing happened this time too. The store page got rushed and had problems loading yesterday. I had to wait until around 8pm to finally get my order through (because I just HAD to get my new Cutter in black, omg). I’d wager just on that alone that the price reduction was successful. If anything else I’ll definitely be buying more skins at these prices.


Time to buy a few skins and packs, then! Patience always wins.


I guess they will be able to test whether they will gross more with lowered prices. Gamers always say they will buy more at lower prices. Here is a clear way to discover if that is true or not.


Nice to hear , now I can buy two for the price of 1 old one :P
The game in general is one that you just have to try, and not for 30 min but spend a few weeks in it and it will really grip you.

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Oh yeah I meant to tip this one in but I guess my mind went into shock because of an actual price reduction so thank you to ThatLanteshGuy for keeping us covered.

To be fair to Frontier I personally didn’t think the prices for the vanity items were that bad in the first place when compared to many other such shops but good on them for making them even better value.

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