Overwatch releases a comic about the past; next hero is far along in development

Wow, color coordination.

The backstory of Overwatch could probably be a game in and of itself, considering that the game takes place after the eponymous organization formed, made waves, disbanded, and is almost somewhat reforming now. The latest comic about the game looks back at the organization later on in its lifespan, when Lena Oxton (better known as Tracer) was first joining the team. It’s a look back at her earliest days and perhaps a hint about what’s coming next for the game… or perhaps not.

Whatever’s coming next, it may not take long to arrive. Director Jeff Kaplan stated in a recent interview that the game’s next hero is not far off; an exact timetable hasn’t been announced, but the 25th character is in testing, getting art, and so forth. Heroes beyond that are still in the prototype stages. There are no hints just yet about who this next hero will be, but it’s enough to know that it’s around the corner.

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So Torbjorn’s to blame for that catch phrase. First bringing deadly technology to the world and then this. For shame. ;P