Here’s how to build your first Worlds Adrift airship

You might know by now that that Worlds Adrift is an MMO based around sailing airships to floating islands, but did you know that you can and will build your own ship from scratch? It’s a rather daunting process that’s made a little easier thanks to a new video tutorial from the developers, who take players though the process of constructing a vessel from scratch.

The devs said that beginning players should start with relatively small ships for their first effort: “Ships can be in any shape, size, or form. The larger they are, the more resources they will take to be built, the heavier they will be, so everything will be more complicated.”

Here’s one tip for free: You probably don’t want to build a ship out of lead.

Give it a watch after the break and see if your brain doesn’t explode from the possibilities.

Source: YouTube
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Melissa McDonald

“lead” zeppelin


I want to be able to love this game. What I hate about the floating island concept though is that it forces every player to be a craftsman from the start. I like to explore my games for weeks or months before I settle into any crafting.

Malcolm Swoboda

Same. Worlds Adrift is a game I’ll only get into by being dragged into it by a friend. But sure I’ll do it then.

Thomas Zervogiannis

On the other hand, at least crafting in this game looks way more engaging and interesting than the common “click one button” crafting. Hopefully it is as good as it looks.

It seems the only way to make crafting more than a boring side activity is to have a complex and healthy economy that it can tap into, or mix it with design elements as is done here.

Steely Bob
Steely Bob

wow, finally got to try this tonight – possibly the most sandboxy PvP thing i’ve ever encountered. bring friends or you’re fooked.

Alfredo Garcia
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Alfredo Garcia

I’ve built several ships entirely out of lead! Lead is pretty common and doesn’t get used for much else usually so it’s great to build test ships out of to make sure everything is going to fit together and look how you want.

It’s also not a bad material for just making the casings of some key components stout enough to survive sand and storm wall crossings. Assuming you don’t have access to enough of the lighter durable materials. Sometimes you just need the weight that lead can provide to keep the heavy winds in the weather walls from blowing you off course.