You are an Overwatch League free agent, starting now

Here’s some news that should make you feel special. As of right now, as long as you’re over 18 years old and play Overwatch, Blizzard considers you a “free agent” who can be signed on to the developing Overwatch League and its teams. And why wouldn’t someone want you? You’ve got mad skills, or so we hear from our street sources.

An official signing window is about to open between August 1st and October 30th for teams to scout and sign players to contracts. This will only happen for the first season, as the league will be established in the future and will go through a different process.

If you are signed on to a team (and we’re rooting for you, chum), you’ll be agreeing to a one-year contract with a minimum salary of $50,000, health insurance, a retirement plan, and a percentage of team performance bonuses. Overwatch League teams will be made up of between six and 12 players from any region who must be housed and offered training facilities by the team owner.

Source: Blizzard
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7 Comments on "You are an Overwatch League free agent, starting now"

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Loyal Patron

And yet I’ve still never played, nor have any interest in playing OW.

Chris Brown-DeMoreno

I remember being a kid and everyone saying that playing games is a waste of time. Now it’s a viable career? Oh how the times have changed.


What has happened to my beloved hobby? :(

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At 27, I’m far too old for a professional esports team.

Loyal Patron

I like that Blizzard is leading the charge one reasonable pay. I wish they’d put up that kind of cash on HotS.

Melissa McDonald

It’s basically like trying to get a job in athletics or show business. Many are called, few are chosen, careers are short, and there are 10,000 in line behind you wanting your job.
It’s a tough business. Good luck.

Sally Bowls

I certainly support the idea of gathering FPS players into special housing. But you just know security will be lax and some will escape. :-)