Visit EVE Online’s massive player graveyard

When you think of an MMO “sandbox,” what comes to mind? Player housing, perhaps, and open world PvP. Maybe a free-form economy, player vendors, and a wide array of roleplaying tools. But what about a cemetery?

A small group of players in EVE Online have labored for a long time to create and maintain a truly unique element of this sandbox: a massive player cemetery in the void of space. Initially conceived by a player named Azia Burgi, the graveyard orbits a small planet in a remote system. Over 1,700 graves pay tribute to player characters while others mark the passing of real-life friends and family members.

“It still stuns me,” said Azia to PC Gamer. “It was just something that nobody else seemed to be doing so I thought I’d have a go and see what happened.”

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