Chinese government fires media official over announced gaming rules proposal that battered the market


The last few weeks saw the Chinese games industry turn into a tinderbox thanks to an announced draft of new restrictions on gaming in the country, which saw regulators proposing restrictions on daily login rewards, an end to cash shop spending rewards, and numerous lockbox regulations. The surprise announcement caused some of China’s largest gaming corps to lose a combined $80B in stock value and caused the country to backpedal on the plan.

Now a proverbial head has rolled as a result of the upheaval, as according to anonymous reports, last week the Chinese government removed removed Feng Shixin, who was the head of the publishing unit of the Communist Party’s Publicity Department.

Insider sources reporting to Reuters claim that Feng was fired because of the announced proposal that jarred the Jenga tower of confidence in China’s games industry, which finally saw a 14% raise in domestic profit last year after a tumultuous few years that saw Beijing crack down on gaming and tech.

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