Chris Neal

Wolfy is totally a pink wolf and not someone who just adores his avatar so much that he's lost touch with reality. He's been playing games since the days of Atari 2600 and when PCs had to be booted up in a specific sequence. He can be found in a variety of different MMOs and multiplayer games, including Final Fantasy XIV, Dauntless, Black Desert, and many others.

Workers call out Activision-Blizzard management as it reaches $35M settlement with SEC

A Better ABK, the proto-union workers group that supports the developers at Activision-Blizzard, has once more thrown a spotlight on management malfeasance, sharing its...
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Square-Enix says net sales are down across the board because of ‘weak’ catalog titles and no MMORPG expansion

The latest financial report out of Square-Enix doesn't appear to be a particularly rosy one as net sales of games across the company's three...

Rumbleverse and Knockout City announce sunsets, Back 4 Blood announces maintenance mode

We have an unfortunate trifecta of bad multiplayer gaming news, especially for fans of the battle royale title Rumbleverse, the team-based dodgeball battler Knockout...
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Path of Exile ties down dates for its next two expansion reveals and the ExileCon event

Whip out your favorite calendar (or your favorite calendar app because paper calendars are dead now I guess) because Path of Exile has some...

The Stream Team: Celebrating another Valentione’s Day in Final Fantasy XIV

Love is in the air in Final Fantasy XIV, or at the very least the opportunity to get a cute new outfit! And since...

DC Universe Online patches in a new UI element and a new lockbox

Some updates are tiny, but the latest one for DC Universe Online is pretty meager in comparison to other patches the superheroing MMO has...

Star Citizen talks up plans for more updates to the neglected Arena Commander module

The Arena Commander portion of Star Citizen often seems like the red-headed stepchild of the game, particularly as CIG's focus has primarily been on...

Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff downsizes to a two-person team after a tumultuous 2022

Michael Kocha, the head developer of Kindred Games' multiplayer RPG Swords 'n Magic and Stuff, has had a very busy few months. Kocha offers...

Old School RuneScape continues to adjust its reworked Wilderness in latest patch

Apparently Old School RuneScape players are greatly enjoying last week's Wilderness boss rework, but Jagex is not one to rest on its laurels in...

Path of Exile will let players who go offline remain in their party for a limited time

Every MMORPG player has experienced that dreadful moment when their connection to a game decided to get suddenly and randomly severed, followed by the...

Star Citizen’s January dev report details new vehicle work, player skills, and NPCs learning how grenades work

"When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our friend," goes the classic bit of military humor, but it apparently took the enemy...

Destiny 2 takes a deep-dive into weapon updates coming in Lightfall’s Season 20

A new expansion for Destiny 2 means there will be a new season, which also means that there will be changes to how weapons...

Some Assembly Required: My journey through the housing system of Final Fantasy XIV

It took me years - literal years - but I landed a personal house in Final Fantasy XIV. Not an apartment, not a room...

Frozen Flame adds new Dragon’s Grove islands, a golem boss, and spears to poke it with

Are you a fan of long pointy sticks? Then your weapon of choice is now available in the multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame as...

Dauntless will let players form bonds with Ramsgate NPCs during this year’s Saint’s Bond Valentine’s event

Do you fawn over Lady Luck? Do you dote on Dr. Priyani? Are you a Moyra stan? Then your unrequited love for these Dauntless...

Dysterra announces a free weekend on Steam, launches Season 2 update with new maps, weapons, and items

Dysterra might have made its early access release just this past November, but it apparently is rushing forward into Season 2, which is the...

Old School RuneScape player cashes in eight years of grind rewards to max out a despised skill

Have you ever sat in awe of an MMORPG player's enviable levels of pettiness and commitment? Then you might be among those Old School...

Black Desert merges silver storage on console, adds individual war rewards for PC, tweaks Bell of Aal on mobile

This week has once more seen all three variants of Black Desert get their own individual updates, which means another three paragraphs of condensed...

The Stream Team: Feeding the altoholic need in City of Heroes Homecoming

It's a long understood fact that creating alts for City of Heroes is the true endgame, and MOP's Chris is going to partake in...

Ex-DICE alumni have formed a new studio focused on making a co-op online RPG built for small populations

After years working on the Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefied games, a small team headed by former DICE directors and featuring several ex-DICE employees...