Chris Neal

Wolfy is totally a pink wolf and not someone who just adores his avatar so much that he's lost touch with reality. He's been playing games since the days of Atari 2600 and when PCs had to be booted up in a specific sequence. He can be found in a variety of different MMOs and multiplayer games, including Final Fantasy XIV, Dauntless, Black Desert, and many others.

Paragon spinoff MOBA Predecessor introduces the new characters and ranked mode in latest patches

Since its early access release in March, the MOBA Predecessor has applied plenty of new goodies for players of the Paragon spinoff to enjoy,...

Elite Dangerous updates guardian weapons and addresses Titan multiplayer instability in latest patch

This week brought another small but no less impactful patch to Elite: Dangerous' Thargoid War, and while its adjustments might be granular, they're likely...

Tencent says it’s compiled ‘over ten thousand suggestions’ to act on in Tarisland

What's happening over in Tarisland right now? Plans. Plans, schemes, and updates. Plans for updates. At least that's the general throughline thanks to a...

The Stream Team: Checking in on the alpha test of MMORPG Corepunk

Last time MOP's Chris tried to livestream the alpha build of Corepunk, the game went down for maintenance, forcing him to change course. Ideally,...

Star Citizen makes efforts on NPC AI, vehicle destruction, missions, and server meshing

We're back once again with another Star Citizen monthly report, and it looks as if efforts by CIG for the month of June have...

CCP Games CEO says making EVE Online’s dev platform open source cements the MMO’s legacy

EVE Online developer CCP Games is planning on making its Carbon development platform open source sometime later this year, which will grant interested developers...

Midnight Murder Club is a multiplayer FPS game of deadly hide-and-seek inside a pitch-black mansion

What happens when six people are given firearms, then told to enter a completely dark mansion filled with traps to kill one another? You...

Temtem applies a fix-filled patch, gives out cosmetic banners to mark ‘Pride Year’

While Temtem will not be receiving any more new content after its 1.7 update, that still doesn't mean that the game isn't being patched...

Aion Classic EU offers unique rewards to those who plumb the Red Throne dungeon for a limited time

Usually clearing an MMORPG's dungeon is meant to offer rewards for your character. That's hardly news. However, a new event that's kicked off for...

The Stream Team: Entering Nexon’s looter shooter The First Descendant

It's time for MOP's Chris to get his best sci-fantasy gun and go out hunting! He's hopping in to the recently launched multiplayer looter...

Mortal Online 2 releases its mastery tree system, adds a new dungeon, and introduces more items

No, Mortal Online 2 is not making characters masters of climbing trees; it's adding a mastery tree for them to climb in its latest...
Nope, not letting this one go.

Layoffs have once again impacted workers at Ubisoft and Microsoft

We have the unfortunate duty to report that layoffs in the gaming industry don't appear to be abating anytime soon, as there are new...
This, but without the camraderie and friendship.

Funcom marks Secret World’s 12th anniversary with a brief message of thanks

Today, July 3rd, marks the launch date of the deeply unique modern world MMORPG The Secret World, which has been online for 12 years...

Prosperous Universe adds new political layers, German language support, and loan creation

Most of the time when Prosperous Universe crosses our desk, it's because the devs have put up some extremely granular but arguably sleep-inducing dev...

Puzzle-filled MMO Islands of Insight will get its offline mode July 9

This past May we got word about another previously always online title getting an offline mode: Islands of Insight, the self-described "shared world puzzle...

Aion Classic EU showcases the upcoming cross-server PvP battlefield of Apheta Beluslan

For all of its PvE gameplay, Aion also has a lot of faction vs. faction PvP going on for it, and soon more of...

Tower of Fantasy brings a new character, boss fight, and multiple events in latest update

So just what sort of damage does a weapon called Poppin' Stick inflict? That most vital of questions can be answered by Tower of...

Star Citizen raked in higher profits over the month of June and the second quarter

One might suspect that the month of May would have been a big one for Star Citizen's piggy bank owing to the Invictus event...

MultiVersus provides a gameplay showcase of new character Agent Smith, arriving July 8

Who's ready for a villainous machine entity to arrive in their cartoony platform fighting game? Then mark your calendar for Monday, July 8th, because...

Choose My Adventure: The Elite Dangerous vs Pax Dei rematch

Nine times out of ten, I generally follow the Will of the Polls here in MOP's Choose My Adventure column without too much question...