everquest two-sday

The Stream Team: EverQuest II-sday, Monday edition

Why would Massively OP's MJ have an EverQuest II-sday on a Monday? With so many anniversaries lately, she couldn't not celebrate this one that...

The Stream Team: Hopping back into EverQuest II Heritage Quests

EverQuest II-sday is back! As if Massively OP's MJ could ever stay away. She's back in Norrath to continue with her mission to complete...

The Stream Team: Zipping through Zek Heritage Quests in EverQuest II

Before MassivelyOP's MJ and the crew can move into the level 45 Heritage Quests in EverQuest II, they have two more level 40s to...

The Stream Team: Rebuilding EverQuest II’s ancient Stein of Maggok

While searching for an assassin for the latest EverQuest II Heritage Quest, MassivelyOP's MJ also picked up the task of rebuilding the ancient Stein of...

The Stream Team: Battling for bags and blades in EverQuest II’s Heritage Quests

Hie ho, hie ho, off to Heritage Questing we go! MassivelyOP's MJ and the gang have been going through all of EverQuest II's HQs...

The Stream Team: An evening with EverQuest II Heritage Quests

There are so many Heritage Quests in EverQuest II that it seems like MassivelyOP's MJ and the minions will never get through them all......

The Stream Team: Hurrying to finish more EverQuest II Heritage Quests

Now that all the holidays and festivals are over, MassivelyOP's MJ and the Of Mice and Minions crew can get back to completing all...

The Stream Team: Guarding against Gnolls on EverQuest II’s progression server

Evil and oppression are ever pressing forth on Qeynos, so what's a Ratonga to do? Fight the good fight! MassivelyOP's MJ is back on...

The Stream Team: Hunting shiny swords and special earrings in EverQuest II’s Heritage Quests

Although MassivelyOP's MJ has been spending some time on EQII's progression server, she'll never abandon her home on Antonia Bayle. There's just so much...

The Stream Team: EverQuest Two-sday returns

Too many Tuesdays have gone by without some EverQuest Two-sday adventures, a situation MassivelyOP's MJ aims to fix right now! Tonight she dives back...