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Guild Chat: Reflecting on 2016’s MMO guild issues and commenter advice

We’re finally rid of the crazy rollercoaster ride that was 2016 and are now taking our seats aboard the crazy train that’ll be 2017, meaning that there’s no better time for me to look back on a year’s worth of (sometimes) sage advice and supportive suggestions that have been given to our readers in need throughout 2016. The comments section is more often enough far more instructive than the advice given from my own singular perspective, so it’s only right that I pull out some of the best of that wisdom as I revisit some of my favourite topics from the last twelve months.

In this edition of Guild Chat, I will take you on a trip down memory lane, looking back on 2016’s best entries and pointing out how readers furthered the discussion by adding their two cents to the dilemma at hand. I hope that you’ll feel inspired to look back on any editions you missed at the time and will add your own personal favourites and best reader advice in the comments below.

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Guild Chat: Climbing the guild rank ladder in MMORPG raiding

Welcome along to another edition of Guild Chat, the column in which both reader and writer alike join forces to help someone in need handle his or her guild-related query or question. This time around, reader Trent wants some help is changing the long-standing grouping and hierarchy in his guild because he feels as though he is being constantly overlooked at this point in his MMO career despite his being unfalteringly loyal to his guild and having turned down positions in other guilds to stay with his team.

Trent has been raiding with his World of Warcraft guild for one and a half years now and has never been promoted from the C-team, but he believes that he has done more than enough to prove his worth to his guild leader in stepping up to fill slots for other higher-achieving raiding teams whenever an A or B-Team raider needs to miss a session and showing obvious signs of improvement on his initial performances that saw him placed on the lowest achieving squad his guild fields.

See below for Trent’s full submission and my advice to him, not forgetting to add your two cents to the comments as well.

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Guild Chat: Trying out for a hardcore MMORPG guild

Welcome along to another advice-filled edition of Guild Chat, the column dedicated to helping readers solve their guild-related dilemmas with both my help and that of the comment section. Together we’ve dealt with issues ranging from setting up a strong guild roster to how to use VOIP without causing your guildmates to head-plant their keyboards in frustration, but today’s issue is quite unique in that our reader-in-need is in a desirable guild, and said guild is welcoming, well-organised, active — and hardcore.

The reason for Jay’s submission is that he has managed to get himself into this “hardcore,” well-managed guild because a close friend vouched for his ability and natural aptitude for high-end MMO play, but Jay is now starting to feel the pressure as he gets closer to the level cap and will soon be expected to prove his worth to his new guild. His friend might have overstated Jay’s experience level in his excitement at Jay actually joining him in an MMO, and in actuality, this will be the first time Jay has ever reached an MMO level cap and he has never experienced endgame content himself.  Jay is wondering whether to be honest with his guild before he reaches the cap and is expected to step up to the plate but must consider how that would impact on his friend who recommended him in the first place.See below for Jay’s full submission and don’t forget to pop your thoughts on the matter in a comment.

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Guild Chat: Solving more officer conflicts in MMO guilds

Welcome along to another loaded edition of Guild Chat, the place where guildies in need of some solid advice can pose a query and have it answered both in the column and its comments. This time around, I’ll be extending on a previous submission as well as tackling a new one, so I recommend getting comfortable! You will remember our last edition looked at stranded-admin’s recent blowout with a fellow officer in her guild and the general consensus was that leaving the guild would be the best way forward since there was a pool of talented players who had also recently left that could potentially be reforged into a new, more fitting guild. Stranded-admin has sent in an update to her situation since that clarifies how her chosen MMO operates, making it clear that contact with those she’ll be leaving behind and also those who have already left will be non-existant due to the game’s grouping mechanics. I wanted to add a little bit more advice for stranded-admin based on the update.

I’ll also be helping out Cloudine, a reader who saw stranded-admin’s submission and wanted to get similar help with his guild’s officer situation. In Cloudine’s case, his officers have no distinct roles, and the lack of clear boundaries is causing friction as some stronger personalities overstep the boundaries of their role. See both stranded-admin’s update and Cloudine’s submission below, and don’t forget to add your thoughts in the comments.

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Guild Chat: Solving officer conflicts

Welcome along to another advice-packed edition of Guild Chat, the column in which I offer up my opinions on how best to solve a reader’s particular guild issue while asking for alternate opinions from our commenters. This time, I have some brief yet intense drama bubbling in reader stranded-admin’s mobile MMO guild: our friend has had an argument with a fellow admin while the leader was absent and tales have been told to both the returned leader and perhaps other guild members, meaning that stranded-admin has gone from being actively involved in the management of the guild to now being shut out of major decision-making that changes the nature of the guild our submitter has worked so hard on.

Stranded-admin is strongly considering leaving the guild to start afresh elsewhere with a guild that better suits, but wanted to get our advice before making such a huge leap to ensure that the original guild is not somehow salvageable. See stranded-admin’s full submission and my advice below, and don’t forget to leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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Guild Chat: Minors and MMOs: Family-friendly guilds

Welcome along to another advice-filled edition of Guild Chat for a double-bill of advice for better facilitating junior players in guilds. I received two similar requests that centre on how to best incorporate young players into guilds, so I thought I should roll them into one article that tackles the issue at hand as framed by both a parent and a guild leader. Reader Jason wants to introduce his daughters to his favourite MMO but is worried about exposing them to his guild and the general MMO community, whereas Damondredlocks is wondering how to transition from an adult-only guild environment to one that welcomes all sorts of players from all age groups. See the full submissions and my thoughts on the matter below, and don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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Guild Chat: Recruiting for your MMORPG guild ahead of WoW Legion

Welcome along to Guild Chat, my column in which I join forces with commenters to help a reader in need with a guild-related concern. This edition’s submission is all about recruitment: Although many editions of Guild Chat dance around the topic, reader Jasper would like some more specific advice on the fine line between guild recruitment and white noise or blanket spam. Jasper’s MMO of choice is World of Warcraft and he would like to strengthen his guild’s roster before Legion drops, especially since he’s noticed that many of his once-active members dropped off in the gap between this expansion and the last. Keep reading for my recruitment checklist and Jasper’s full submission.

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Guild Chat: Successfully merging MMORPG guilds

Welcome along to Guild Chat, the column in which we gather together to help a reader in need solve his or her guild-related quandary. The reader in question this time round is a young guildleader called Thomas who has spent some time working alongside another guild and has realised that the other offers more to its members that he currently does. This has made him wonder whether he should merge his guild with theirs and fold up his members into the larger, more stable roster of his new friends’ virtual home. He worries that he will annoy the bulk of his current roster by jumping ship and also has doubts about what a newly merged guild would offer him personally. Read Thomas’ full submission below and chime in on the issue at hand in the comments to help him out.

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Guild Chat: Giving a newbie Blade & Soul clan purpose

Welcome along to another edition of Guild Chat, my cosy wee corner of Massively Overpowered in which I break down a reader’s guild related issue in order to make his or her MMO time that little bit more enjoyable. The reader in question for this edition is Dave, a relatively new MMO player who feels that his clan lacks purpose and wishes that he could find it one. With the help of our advice, Dave wants to find a niche for the fledgling clan he has just recently started and seeks a unique selling point for his band of merry martial artists. He’s relatively new to the world of MMOs and sort of fell into guild leadership over a bunch of equally inexperienced players who are now looking to him for a definite direction. Check out his full submission below along with my advice to Dave and be sure to leave him your thoughts in the comments to mull over.

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Guild Chat: How to get real-life friends to join your MMORPG guild

Welcome along to another edition of Guild Chat, my cosy wee corner of Massively Overpowered in which we can all come together to help a reader in need tackle his or her guild-related issue. As has been the case previously, I received a reader submission just after publishing the last edition that I didn’t want to shelf for nearly a month, so you’re being treated to back-to-back Guild Chat once more! The topic at hand is encouraging (read dragging) along your real-world friends into the MMOs you love and specifically into the guild in which you spend so much time. Reader Krystalin has asked me to help her come up with a strategy for engaging people who may not initially understand the appeal so that she feels less guilty about the hours she’s logging in-game and can share her virtual world with more of her local circle.

It’s an interesting topic with no easy answer: Check out Krystalin’s full submission and my musings below, then add your two cents in the comments to help her out.

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Guild Chat: How to reacclimate when coming back to EVE Online

Welcome along to another edition of Guild Chat, the space in which I get together with the MOP commenters to help a reader in need with his or her guild-related query. This time, an EVE Online player — who wishes to remain anonymous to prevent potential in-game grief — has asked for our help to determine how best to return to the game when the corp he previously enjoyed is now defunct. Unsure of where to place his loyalties and how best to carve out a new adventure, our reader in need is wondering how best to survive in what can be quite an inhospitable environment for lone players. Check out the full submission and my advice below, and don’t forget to put your thoughts in the comments below.

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Guild Chat: Starting a raiding guild in Guild Wars 2

Welcome along to Guild Chat, the place where we gather to discuss a reader submission on whatever guild-related topic is giving him or her cause for concern in order to help them through. This time, we’re going to help reader John get to grips with starting up a raiding guild in Guild Wars 2, a game in which raiding is relatively new and guilds are fairly fluid and casual. John’s issue is further complicated by the fact that most of his core guild group haven’t tackled many of the raid bosses, so guild management will be difficult to establish. Join me below for both John’s full submission and my thoughts on the issue, and don’t forget to add your own advice in the comments below.

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Guild Chat: How to tactfully leave a guild

Welcome along to another edition of Guild Chat, my little corner of Massively Overpowered in which I tackle readers’ guild-related problems with the help of the commenters. I know you were probably expecting a new edition of MMO Mechanics instead since it rotates with this column, but I hate leaving a reader’s submission for too long so promised that I’d do two in a row to clear the backlog, especially since this particular reader is waiting on our help before taking any action to fix her guild problem.

In this edition, we’re going to help out a reader who wishes to be known as Bryonylia in her quest to tactfully leave her current guild so as not to burn her bridges should she not find a nice home elsewhere. Her current guild was originally a good fit for Bryonylia but has recently become rather quiet and stale, so she wants to leave for greener pastures; however, she equally wants to keep her good reputation in her chosen MMO intact since she’ll still be playing and also to keep her good relations with her current guildmates alive. Read Bryonylia’s full submission below and don’t forget to offer your advice in the comments.

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