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Massively Overthinking is a weekly feature in which the Massively Overpowered writers take turns weighing in on a particular MMO-related topic before turning the discussion over to the readership. [Follow this feature’s RSS feed]

aw hell

Massively Overthinking: How often do you play human MMO characters when you have other choices?

I've been thinking about this question a bit lately, partly owing to Stars Reach and partly to Project Gorgon. Playable Worlds says Stars Reach...

Massively Overthinking: Do you have a ‘mental block’ in MMORPGs?

Back in June, MMO blogger Belghast from Tales of the Aggronaut penned a fun blog about having had a mental block against tanking. "Something happened...

Massively Overthinking: How ‘massively multiplayer’ do we expect MMORPGs to be?

Earlier in June on the MOP Podcast, Justin and I took a stab at answering the age-old question of what, exactly, constitutes an MMO....

Massively Overthinking: Unfair stigmas that follow MMORPGs

A few weeks back, our team was discussing the intersection of survival sandboxes, MMORPG virtual worlds, and gankboxes - and how hard it is...

Massively Overthinking: The New World Aeternum debacle

You know that feeling when you can see a trainwreck coming, but you know you can't do anything to stop it or even warn...

Massively Overthinking: If you lost your account in your main MMORPG, would you start over?

The other day, MOP's Justin came into our work chat understandably nervous because he couldn't log into his Lord of the Rings Online account;...

Massively Overthinking: Is tab targeting a problem in MMORPGs?

This past weekend, MMO designer Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street lobbed another bomb rather cavalierly into the MMORPG discourse, this one about tab targeting. And maybe...

Massively Overthinking: Fixing boring MMORPG dungeons

Earlier this month, MMO genre luminary Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street tweeted something from someone on his Ghost MMO team that's going to resonate with a...

Massively Overthinking: Why and how we mod our MMORPGs

Last week, the MOP team was sitting around in our virtual offices, talking about modding Elder Scrolls Online, all because some of our readers...

Massively Overthinking: The loss of ArcheAge

Last week's admission from Kakao that XLGAMES is pulling the plug on ArcheAge really hit me, and I'm still trying to process why because...

Massively Overthinking: Is there a feature or item in MMORPGs you won’t play without?

I was jolted into a near panic earlier this past weekend when I saw a tweet from Lord of the Rings Online in which...

Massively Overthinking: MMOs and ‘fresh piece of gum’ syndrome

Back in March, MOP reader Exarch Cathedra posted a comment to a Daily Grind about daily logins and sticky MMOs that caught my attention,...

Massively Overthinking: How long should it take MMO players to get to ‘endgame’?

With Throne & Liberty's latest global underway, I want to point back to something Amazon said about the test for our Massively Overthinking discussion...

Massively Overthinking: Would you pay for a Guild Wars 1 revival?

WoodenPotatoes had a fun video this past weekend about Classic Guild Wars 1, and I fully admit I clicked on it just to hear...
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Massively Overthinking: Lies about MMOs we thought were true

A totally not-gaming video inspired this week's Massively Overthinking: Hank Green's video called I Believed These Four Lies. Green elaborates on a quad of...

Massively Overthinking: What’s the most polarizing topic in your favorite MMORPG?

I was playing Lord of the Rings Online last weekend when my server naturally veered off into one of its favorite discussions: whether Moria...

Massively Overthinking: Are survival games the new MMO?

A few Overthinkings ago, a MOP commenter said something that seemed very simple but still hit me really hard, to the point that I'm...

Massively Overthinking: Are we ‘optimizing the fun out’ of MMOs?

MMO dev Damion Schubert recently retweeted a thread penned by a user named Zarathustra that presents our Massively Overthinking discussion for the week. Now,...

Massively Overthinking: Always-online vs. offline modes in multiplayer games

The Nightingale team's admission that players are clamoring for an offline version of the game - and that Inflexion is now planning to do...

Massively Overthinking: Are MMOs suffering from shrinkflation?

So last week we bought some Girl Scout cookies from a neighbor kid, and I was surprised to find out they were only $5...