sandbox saturday

The Stream Team: The freighter life in No Man’s Sky

It's expedition time again in No Man's Sky, but things are taking a different turn this round. Instead of a starter planet, Massively OP's...

The Stream Team: Cleaning up EXO’s mess in Astroneer

While Massively OP's MJ was excited for a new Astroneer event, she didn't know that entailed EXO throwing tons of junk on her planets!...

The Stream Team: Seeking safety gear in Astroneer

When you're trying to survive in space, safety is important! And Astroneer's newest update includes an EXO Salvage Initiative that rewards some spiffy safety...

The Stream Team: Searching for sea serpents in Valheim

The seas of Valheim are not a safe place, so of course Massively OP's MJ wants to set sail! In fact, she wants to...

The Stream Team: A second Astroneer anniversary

The cutest space survival ever turns two years old today! And Massively OP's MJ is ready to wish Astroneer a very happy second anniversary....

The Stream Team: Starting a Conan Exiles Siptah dream home

What do you mean there is a survival game out there Massively OP's hasn't built an elaborate home in? Is the end of the...

The Stream Team: A fresh look at Osiris New Dawn’s survival update

It has been a long time since Massively OP's MJ roamed around Osiris: New Dawn on her giant crab contraption. And with last month's...

The Stream Team: Honey, I shrunk the survival Saturday with Grounded’s free weekend

Are you a fan of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids? Are you a fan of survival games? Massively OP's MJ loves both, and she...

The Stream Team: An Astroneer underground bunker

After a rocky first week on her Astroneer dedicated server, Massively OP's MJ cannot wait to get in and work on her rocky underground...

The Stream Team: Astroneer’s clean up event

EXO has introduced a better way for folks to clean up Astoneer's planets, and it's encouraging everyone to do just that with some special...