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Decades-old Underlight gets hefty 2017 update

One of the MMORPG genre’s oldest games is not only still chugging along but is getting updates in this modern era. In June, the roleplaying-centric Underlight rolled out a patch that did a lot more than merely make token improvements to the game.

The patch adds new areas, a guild hall system, more magical arts, teaching improvements, power token charges, a rebalanced forge, and a pmare system overhaul. Sure, the game still looks positively ancient and might serve more as a living museum of 1990s design, but for players who cherish its history and RP depth, it still serves a purpose. And yes, anyone can still play it.

Learn about this fascinating and largely unknown MMO by reading our look at it in The Game Archaeologist. We’ve also got the patch overview video below.

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The Game Archaeologist: Roleplaying dreams in Underlight

After years of digging into the field of classic MMOs, I know there aren’t too many undiscovered titles that haven’t been brought to my attention (even if I haven’t covered them all yet). But it was a plea on Reddit for a gamer asking for help to remember an older MMO that took place in a “shared dream world” that dredged up a single word: Underlight.

My ears perked up. My eyebrows raised. This… sounded interesting. To the Googlemobile!

I began my usual digging around, piecing together scraps of information that survived from those dark ages of the internet. What these scraps revealed was an MMO that clung to one overriding principle, to roleplay above all else. Even better, it somehow still survives even to this day. So what is Underlight? For that, we’re going to have to go back two decades.

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