Revelation Online extends CBT3 an extra week

Revelation Online is extending its third closed beta another week.

While the beta phase was intended to close down early this morning, says that it is listening to feedback from players who said they needed more time to hit the current level 69 cap to test it and the rest of the newly introduced content: three new dungeons, three new missions, the new Faerie Funland map, two new events, badges, updates to scour dungeons, and six new PvP modes. It’ll now close down on February 9th.

One thing definitely ending today? The bonuses to cash shop cash purchases, which conclude at 8 p.m. EST tonight.

Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie took a look at this round of beta back in January — worth a peek if you’re still on the fence!

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Played on China, RU and all 3 CBTs – all i can say is that the game is great!

From level 30 the game gradually opens, prior to that it’s basically a quest chain/tutorial you will just have to get through if you don’t like it. At the end we have game full of content::
– PVE (dungeons – 5 people, raids – 10-20 people, open world, fractions, events like GW2;)
– PVP (siege, 10v10, 20v20, 30v30, 3v3 ranked, deathmatch, open world and many others);
– daily PVE and PVP events;
– extensive and meaningful crafting system;
– extensive character development, skills and items (point distribution, weapon and armor enchanting, prefixes, cultivation of character and skills);
– trading (merchant system – like Archeage, BDO, player shops – like Lineage 2, and of course auction house etc.);
– out extremely extensive system gildyjny (guild quests, guild bossy, PVP gildyjne , craft, buff);
– excellent movement (wings, flying mounts that can get from 1 to 50 people; ground mounts are mainly for instances);
– mentoring system;
– very good graphics – ok, you can not compare with Black Desert, but plus of a little worse graphics is game performance during mass PVP – in addition there’s a battlewear system that limits the details on characters during PVP, so the game will go run pretty well and look good even on very weak computers.
Generally, we have everything you could ever hope to have in MMORPG. The game has to be developed at least 10 years, is planned to update the engine.

Regarding P2W – you can use money 3 ways in Revelation:
1) You can buy skins, wings and mounts (although you can get couple of each through normal gameplay, f.e. as a reward in some challenges)
2) You can buy items that are needed for enhancing your equipment and skills – this is kinda controversial, since if you invest heavy, you will be 2-3 months ahead of someone who hasn’t spend anything. Everything in the cash shop is obtainable through normal gameplay, but it will take time to catch up someone who invested thousands of dollars/euro. However, if you invest heavy, you will hit the cap in terms of enhancing gear (majority of stuff is transferable between the same items, so for example if you have level 37 weapon, you can transfer your enchants to level 49 weapon, or if you craft level 59 weapon using your level 49 weapon, you can add extra materials (not much) to keep the enchants and other upgrades). Now once you hit the cap, everyone else start to catch up. Also, there’s no single item in the cash shop that allows you to obtain gear faster or get whole pieces of gear through the cash shop.
3) Convenience items – bag expansions, zip skill refresher (you can TP to certain NPCs using this skill) and what you asked about item for extended flight time, BUT it’s not particularly for extended flight time, as this is unlimited, but it increase ‘Levity’ regeneration – a resource for dashing. This item is called Windrider Feathers, cost 3 Aurums and lasts 15 minutes. 3 Aurums is exactly 0,03-0,04 EUR depending which Aurum pack you buy. Keep in mind, that you can buy Aurums using in-game money (Gythils).
The game is great and in my opinion cash shop will only influence PVP at the very top level. You can enjoy everything without spending a cent. And once you farm some money in game, you can exchange it for premium currency and buy the stuff you need yourself!

A lot of people, which speaks about the game did play the game long enough to even have a clue about what it really is. I would recommend everyone to try it and test it yourself on OBT! 🙂


I Uninstalled today.


this game isn’t going to do any better than any other korean localization effort here in the US. The koreans don’t know what we want, and we can’t fathom why these clones keep doing so well over there.

it’s similar to the disconnect jrpg’s have with US players now, and it’s not just because millennials are the spawn of the devil. :P when was the last time a JRPG came out that was anywhere near to the level of FFVI? that game was just amazing in any language and touched on so many themes.

all of these korean games get hyped up hard, yet little is talked about their predatory systems and predatory cash shops. then they release and get high twitch viewerships for about three weeks. then…then nothing. they die out when the full time streamers realize they would need to spend more than they make at their streaming job to actually get ahead, or the grind kicks in, or the novelty of yet another game with always on pvp actually interfering with their goals kicks in – whatever.

it is still korean. it is still a clone. the genre needs to start iterating and put away the tracing paper.


Your thoughtful commentary is appreciated and nicely laid out. However, you seem to base this on your belief that this is a Korean game. It is not.


True enough. But it is definitely cloning Blade & Soul, which is a Korean game. I also take issue with his assertion that these Korean games get forgotten. I think Black Desert is coming up on a year and still going strong. Archeage seems to have hung around as well.


So far, I have liked this one well enough. The two classes I have played the most are occultist and the spirit shaper. Both are fun- the spirit shaper seems a fairly standard healer type. The occultist is honestly more interesting to me with it ability to stance dance between dark and light.

Combat feels fluid, though I have only played WASD, haven’t tried the action mode yet. Animations are nice and the characters are anime pretty. Character creation is pretty robust, and I swear I ran into a guy that made himself a really good Incredible Hulk cosplay.

The localization of the game is bad. Super bad. Google translate bad. NPCs are named one thing, then suddenly it’s another, making the “story” hard to follow. Cut scenes are in Chinese with no English subtitles, or there is no audio at all despite the fact the NPCs are clearly animated to be speaking. Several of the menus/tooltips are still in Chinese, sometimes even Russian. Not that the English translation makes the game mechanics any easier to figure out.

If they can get the translations done, and done actually well, I think the game will find a following here in the west. Maybe not super huge, but decent. Especially if the cash shop isn’t crazy go nuts. If they stick with the current level of translation…ehhh….not so much.


Also, here is a screenshot of my occultist standing on the biggest set of boobies I have ever encountered.

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I guess they’re trying to one-up Tree of Savior for the “statues with breasts you can stand on” category. :P
As far as my experiences with playing Korean MMOs holds true, the localization is usually not up to speed until open beta or the actual launch. While we can’t yet say whether or not it will be improved, there’s still plenty of time.

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A lot of people are pissed at the last minute announcement of the extension, especially when the community manager told them on Sunday that an extension was wishful thinking (though he was smart enough to include “at this time”). Many people who were dedicated testers dumped all their items since the servers were going to be wiped. So now there are a bunch of high-level toons without the equipment necessary to actually do the new dungeons.

Personally, I have actually liked the game, though I agree they have a lot of localization updates to do (among other things). I hadn’t gotten a chance to get to end game because of some RL issues, so this extra week is actually a boon to me.


I’ll take another look – however if the localization is still as bad as it was, I don’t forsee this lasting longer than my initial 10 minutes :/


My response to this is: Oh yeah, that game I played for a few hours and then forgot to uninstall. Really, Blade and Soul did it better.