The Daily Grind: What do you do when an MMO dungeon run goes bad?

While I am generally for quick and fun group dungeon runs in MMORPGs, what I dread are those runs that end up going sour and “trapping” me in the experience.

Let me explain. When you start a dungeon run, either with a PUG or a group of friends, you enter into a social contract of sorts to stick it out and get the job done. At least, that’s how I see it. And that’s fine for when things are going well, but there are always those runs that result in wipe after wipe, or slow down to an eye-twitching crawl, or have you waiting on one member who went AFK to apparently do his taxes, or what have you.

And when this happens, I start screaming inside because I feel trapped and locked into this dungeon run of the damned without an easy way out. Do I stick it out to the bitter end? Do I bail with or without an excuse? Will I ever get to know the comforts of my bed as the hours tick on?

What do you do when an MMO dungeon run goes bad? Do you have some sort of criteria for determining when it’s OK to ditch your group? Do you feel more compelled to stay in a bad run if it’s your guild?

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Sebastian Shaw

I stick with it till the end, because there is one thing all those BRD, Scholo, MC, and the like taught me…to be wipe-immune. Heck, I find it more constructive to try and use that time (and those wipes) to teach the rest of the group how to overcome the barrier, rather than taking the easy way out.

If you consider your time of such value, as to waste it on wiping on a dungeon, then, why are you not doing something of value with that time, instead of playing a game?


Is it with a group of friends? Then I stick it out.

If it’s a complete PUG then I’m out the moment the tank or healer DCs/leaves. Also I’m out if we’re wiping to trash. If people are AFK or leeching, then I’d rather kick them than leave myself.

Oleg Chebeneev

Being calm like a python I kick every noob who isnt worth my time . I find replacement and while they walk to a dungeon, I eat good meal to keep me in good mood. Its how it’s done boyz


I run till my armor falls off and my weapon breaks. If the crew wants to pay for my repair or if I can do it in the dungeon I’ll play till the bulk have dropped out. For me, the losses are inconsequential when and if the objective is attained.


What do I do when an MMO dungeon run goes bad?
Simple answer: I feel slightly sorry for those in the run. And I feel happy that I decided long ago to not go for this type of content anymore.

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I’ll give any group three wipes on a boss. After that, I’m out. No hard feelings, but I have better things to do. And better players to do them with.

Pedge Jameson

Wow, I only came to post to make a joke but I have really seen alot of people posting in this I would not want to find myself grouping with. This turned out not to be a very constructive topic.


Since I never pug I stick it out because they are my friends, if we wipe we all look at what we did wrong and try to do better next time.

Pedge Jameson

I can’t stand when a dude says “BRB Wife Aggro” such a lame excuse. I always go, “Then /marriagequit”

Bryan Correll

I can handle wiping as long as everyone learns from their mistakes. But sometimes you get to a point where you know that a pug group simply isn’t going to be able to complete the run. If it’s one player causing trouble and kick votes are an option it may be possible to salvage a run, but there are times I have to say “Sorry guys, but I just don’t see this working out.” Guild runs that aren’t going so hot tend to end based on mutual agreements that we’re just not up to the challenge. The only time I bailed on a poorly going guild run I had started with a mild headache that had reached severe levels after multiple wipes before even reaching the first boss. And I still felt bad about leaving, especially since I was tanking.