Warface declares a Blackout, activates a new west coast server

You and your team are stranded in the midst of a desert storm. As you squint through the murky atmosphere, enemy cyborgs (as is their wont) swarm and attack. Will you survive or be buried in the sand with no one to remember your name?

This terrifying scenario is brought to you by Warface, which released its Blackout special operation into the game today. The team also raised the level cap to 85 and added new weapon skins for the surviving players to pursue.

Warface’s popularity has prompted My.com to activate another regional server, this one located in California for west coast players. But the publisher isn’t satisfied with what it has, and is rolling out a refer-a-friend program to recruit more troops.

Get your mission briefing after the break!

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4 Comments on "Warface declares a Blackout, activates a new west coast server"

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Man, My . com is such an AWFUL publisher but damned if they didn’t at least make Warface into not a total commercial failure with their management. Hearing there’s a server that may eliminate some lag for myself based on location may make me re-download the game this weekend too.

Wayne Gildroy

The link to play the game for free is to Warframe, not Warface.


Perhaps the author doesn’t know there is a difference? (I’m not sure if these articles ever get a second set of eyes before being posted)

Bree Royce
Bree Royce

They do, but even the second set (mine!) makes mistakes. Thanks for the heads-up!