The Black Death adds co-op housing, teases female model

When there’s a virulent plague on the loose, the best course of action is to find some of your best friends and ask if they will be your roommates. After all, if you’re going down, you might as well take those mooching slackers down with you!

Medieval sandbox The Black Death recently added the ability to share a house thanks to new ownership permissions. “The housing changes should now able you and your friends to share ownership of the house which includes the ability to build utilities, open doors and employ guards but also give automatic locking and unlocking to players with correct permissions,” the team said.

And if you’re getting tired of the total dude-bro atmosphere of the game, be comforted by the fact that female characters are on the way. The devs teased a new female character model in period-appropriate clothing and some of the hairstyles that players can choose for these beauty queens.

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CMDR ShrunkenQuasar

One might assume in a game about the plague, having a bunch of people living together would be a less than ideal situation.


Nice to see this game is still chugging along with updates. Still getting mixed reviews on Steam but the top stuff doesn’t seem to be 100% negative with a lot of positives coming out.

Hopefully by the time it hits its second year since EA it’ll be worth a serious look.


How do you launch a game (yes I’m saying launched and not alpha/beta/whatever, as if you’ve collected money for your product and there is a playable version available to those who pay, you’re launched in my book) without having an option to be female.


There was a female model, and there’s still one today, but it’s just not very… distinctive.

Edit, here it is :comment image

And there’s like 2-3 options overall, that’s all.

Alex Hyer

That looks like Shia LaBeouf

Melissa McDonald



It’s just the state of the market these days. Game devs realize that people will toss money at unfinished and unpolished concepts through things like Kickstarter or by labeling things as “early access”, so they gladly soak up the cash.

2Ton Gamer

Yeah, how do you even allow play testing without at the bare minimum a female option, much less collect a dime for your “game”. If you have a character creation, you have male & female. If you miss this basic function then what else have you missed?


Cheers, so now next time MJ streams the game she can look proper and appropriate while dying from the pox?

All our dreams coming true <3