The Daily Grind: How diligent are you about making money in an MMO?

No one believes me when I say that I’m bad about making money in my main games. It’s true, though; compared to the people who put a whole lot of effort into doing so, my moneymaking skills are sub-par. Yes, I own a mansion in Final Fantasy XIV, but that’s a result of frugality and building up resources over time. Yes, I’ve got an extensive heirloom collection in World of Warcraft, but I’m not playing the markets (or at least, not playing them well).

Of course, I also might be comparing myself to the wrong people, considering I know other people who would fall over themselves for the moneymaking engines I already have running. So what about you, dear readers? How diligent are you about making money in an MMO? Do you enjoy playing the economic games and live for the big windfalls, or do you mostly treat money as something to slowly accumulate rather than a thing to chase after?

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34 Comments on "The Daily Grind: How diligent are you about making money in an MMO?"

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Back when World of Warcraft had you spend the first 10 levels in tattered clothes I was absolutely obsessed with finding the most efficient path to my first Gold piece.

I probably started 40 or 50 characters just to play that way.


I’m not. I dislike engaging with the game’s economy, so I rarely, if ever, make money that way; plus, I would rather leave the game than ever grind for gold.

So, if I’m not able to make enough gold to fully fund my character by just playing for fun, there’s a good chance I will leave the game in short order and go play something else where I can play for fun and have all the gold I need.

It’s part of the reason I tend to avoid games that go for a “meaningful” (usually player-controlled) economy; in dev parlance, “meaningful” often means “non-optional”, and I really don’t want to be forced to engage with the game’s economy. Heck, I’m a player that sees crafting as a means to avoid having to engage with a game’s economy rather than as a gold-maker.

Zen Dadaist

Complete rubbish. Except when I’m not. That is to say; I play as I want and not to make bank, but occasionally while doing the things I want to do I’ll hit upon a good way of making in game currencies. I prefer to go out and farm/build/etc the things I want myself so I tend not to buy too much from other players through trading mechanisms.

The exception to this was when I was buying REX in Rift to sustain my Patron and I was playing the AH to earn the platinum to do so. But that got really tedious eventually, and the Trion changed up a whole pile of stuff inc the AH system itself, Artifacts and so on, and allt he various avenues I’d been using to raise Plat got tanked. REX now goes for 10x the price it used to. Glad I no longer care.

Alex Malone

I hardly ever care about money.

Generally, I make enough money through normal gameplay to cover all my needs. In your standard themepark, all gear comes from loot anyway so all I need money for is repairs, travel and pots. Assuming I have enough money to cover my needs, I’d rather be spending my time pvping or raiding than I would making money.

There have been the occasional times when I’ve focused on money. This happened mostly out of curiosity, just to see what I could do. Well, it was boring as fuck, but really easy. I’d usually last 2-3 weeks, earn tons of money and then give up and go back to playing the game for fun. It didn’t seem to matter what strategy I took – farming rares, crafting, or selling mats – all were equally successful. Farming rares had occasional high moments whilst crafting and selling mats were both extremely dull but more consistent.

Bryan Gregory

I honestly can’t say that I’ve had to farm currency in any MMO after FFXI. It just comes naturally by simply playing the game in anything WoW and beyond. Even in early eras of WoW, you CAN farm for mounts and flying, but you don’t need to. You just keep playing the game naturally and it eventually comes.

I do miss having to farm for gil though, like camping items or mats to sell in EQ or FFXI. In modern MMOs making money takes no effort sadly.

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Schlag Sweetleaf


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Castagere Shaikura

The only mmo i had trouble making money with was ESO and their stupid choice in not having an AH in their game but giving market control to the large guilds in the game.

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Briar Grey

I’m not diligent at all – I like having it because I like collecting stuff, but I’m no good at mega-moneymaking schemes or whatever. In WoW, I buy tokens when they are selling for a lot of gold so I can accumulate slowly that way. In LOTRO, I just put stacks of mats I’ve gathered and no longer use as I play, and I undercut whatever the rate is at the time – I’m not about gouging. I’m about moving it. Just doing that has given me what for *me* is a lot of LOTRO gold but for the people even mildly diligent, I’m sure I’m broke AF. ;)


My Goblin army would try swindle gold from their mothers. What can I say? :(

Rein Axefury

For me it’s a constant cycle, i spend a lot and i make a lot of money ingame. Right now i play warframe, and when i want Platinum (real money currency, but also can be traded) i can get easily enough for whatever i want. I tend to grind a lot of stuff people want, sometimes in big amounts, then i just sell stuff when i need to buy something.