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Eliot Lefebvre has been writing on Massively Overpowered since it was created after a long and illustrious career of writing about video games for half a decade on some other site that you might have heard about. He currently pens Wisdom of Nym for Final Fantasy XIV, WoW Factor for World of Warcraft, and the rotating adventures of Choose My Adventure. He also shares writing duties on Perfect Ten and writes some nonsense for What Are You Playing. No photos of him standing next to Abraham Lincoln have surfaced, coincidentally.

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Wisdom of Nym: Speculating about Final Fantasy XIV’s Eureka

I think Naoki Yoshida has severely overestimated how much I wanted to chase after a Scorpion Harness again.

One of the things that I mentioned way back when about the Diadem was that it felt like a Final Fantasy XI zone in Final Fantasy XIV. We don’t know all of the details about Eureka yet, but what we’ve learned so far definitely seems to indicate that it’s meant to be a similar experience. Heck, the visuals alone are doubling down on that; you can’t add in gear that’s specifically meant to look like the Scorpion Harness without inviting comparisons to the original Final Fantasy MMO.

We don’t know nearly as much about Eureka as we might like to know, but we do know something, at least. So let’s review what things we do know, speculate about the stuff that fills in the gap, and start considering what the experience of exploring this new zone will feel like, yes? I’m excited, at least.

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Final Fantasy XIV kicks the latest Feast season with the promise of a well-known boss mount

If you’re taking part in the sequential seasons of the Feast in Final Fantasy XIV, you want a mount worthy of your willingness to punch your fellow adventurers in the teeth. Season 7 is kicking off on March 13th, and for players who place in the top 100, the development team feels a suitably impressive reward awaits in the form of… the second boss of the final dungeon in Ala Mhigo.

All right, the chair of that boss.

The second boss is only a minor player in the storyline, but his voice clips alone make him a memorable fight, and he also spends the fight riding around on a fantastic magitek lounger the whole time. Place well enough in the competitive Feast arena, you may be able to fly it around yourself. It’s a fine way to kick back after getting your kicks.


Project Gorgon is officially in early access on March 13th

It’s happening! The official Project Gorgon early access date on Steam is Tuesday, March 13th, which means that owners will need to log in on Steam and new people will need to… well, buy the game on Steam to start playing. Hey, let’s be fair, you’ve had a lot of time to try the game’s free testing before now. If you’ve forgotten all of the long-term implications of these changes, the developers have offered a helpful outline of everything changing.

Take note of the fact that this shift means that the game is moving from its alpha phase to its beta development, which means fleshing out, refining, and expanding the game more than introducing whole new ideas. Yes, that means probably slightly fewer crazy new transformations. We’ll all have to find ways to continue living. You should still check the game out when it’s live on Tuesday, especially since it’ll natively run in your operating system… whatever it is. (On desktop, we mean. We can’t help you with your phone.)

Source: Elder Game press release, Official Site


The Daily Grind: What cosmetic rewards in online games don’t feel like rewards?

One of the most common rewards from loot crates in Overwatch were sprays. (It might have changed, but I doubt it.) You point your character at a wall, and look, you sprayed an image there! Amazing! And I don’t care and would not notice if the feature were removed entirely, not because it’s cosmetic fluff (which I live for) but because it’s cosmetic fluff that doesn’t matter to me in the slightest. If I could convert every spray I ever received straight into currency, I would do so. They hold absolutely no value for me.

The thing about cosmetic rewards is that they only work if they’re something you actually care about. I rarely intend to use the various cosmetic options introduced in Final Fantasy XIV, but they’re at least there; by contrast, many World of Warcraft cosmetic rewards only can be used for cosmetic transmog during the events in question, making them fundamentally useless again. So what about you? What cosmetic rewards have online games offered that feel utterly irrelevant to you, if not actively disdainful?

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WRUP: This just in, we’re lost on the way to the news edition

Thank you, Tom, I’m out here in the field and I do not know what I’m supposed to be covering out here. We are extremely lost right now, Tom. You should have given us better information about an address, because let me tell you something, if this is where we’re supposed to be, there’s nothing happening, Tom. Either you’re trolling us or you just wanted us lost out here.

Is that how it is, Tom? Did you send us out here to be cold and confused and cover a non-news story while you could make the boss think you’re the right guy for that new anchor spot? Listen, Tom, I swear I will drive back to the station so fast that it will break land speed records. I will smack the smile off your face if you try to take this from me, don’t test me. That’s all from here, now to What Are You Playing with the weekend plans and potentially the weather.

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Betawatch: Wild West Online is getting a big revamp (March 9, 2018)

Remember Wild West Online? The game made a lot of noise through early testing, but it went fairly quiet. Turns out the reason for that was a top-to-bottom revamp of the game’s client, so there have been a lot of changes in the current version of the game. Good news, though, that test version is almost ready for players to try.

More beta news? Sure thing, that’s what we usually do here. It’s a thing.

And yes, there is a list below with a whole lot of games in testing. Some of them might also be in “open beta” hiding no planned wipes and an open cash shop, and if you could let us know about that, we’d be grateful. You have to keep your eyes open for these things. They’re tricky.

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Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch… which does not have region locks

We had really thought that after the never-updated website finally shut down last year we would be done talking about Phantasy Star Online 2, which at this point is Sega’s never-ending routine of dangling a steak in front of American fans before punching them in the throat. But, see, the game is coming out for the Switch! That matters because there are no region locks on that particular console, so you could easily import it and play it on your American console!

And, of course, you could then be baffled because you presumably don’t speak enough Japanese to muddle through any of the game’s menus or interfaces or dialogue prompts. But the game would run, and it would even never need patches due to running entirely on the cloud. Which is kind of cool, and the sort of things that fans have been hoping for since the title was first announced, released, and then ran for years in Japan. Still, if you want to get your hopes up again, we can’t stop you.


WoW Factor: Examining the composition of the Horde

Last week, we looked at the composition of the Alliance in World of Warcraft. This week, we’re looking at the Horde. Makes sense, doesn’t it? If you missed the prior column, catch up and get back to us here.

One of the things that’s always been true about the Horde in World of Warcraft is that it is, by and large, a more heterogeneous collective of races and nations. This is partly by design, and partly because the Horde just seems to have a different way of handling its membership and its populace. If the Alliance needs a group of skilled trackers in a new landscape, it’ll find its best scouts and train them; the Horde, meanwhile, will just befriend a local group of existing trackers and welcome them into the Horde.

Does that sound a bit off the mark? Well, let’s take a look.

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Crowfall details its upcoming vendor system

Here’s the next big system coming to Crowfall: Vendors! No, wait, come back, stop muttering that every game have those. This is different, this is a system wherein you set up your own vendor. That’s what’s being shown off on the site. Yes, some games have that too, but this is still more of something new. That’s it, sit back down, there’s new stuff going on here. Much better.

Players can craft their stalls and vendors using the Geomancy profession, followed by placing the stall within your Eternal Kingdom. Once there, you can stock the coffer of your stall with gold (because your vendor needs to be paid), put items up for sale, and then hopefully watch the profits roll in. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you’re having those profits roll in faster than the maintenance fees roll out. Check out the full rundown to get an idea of what you’re going to be doing with making your very own vendor stall.


TERA offers stress test rewards for this weekend’s console beta

The open beta for TERA’s console edition has arrived, and as a result, the developers want the servers under pressure. It’s the only way to be sure that when the game launches they can handle the mass of players logging in, after all. So how can you help with that? Get into the open beta and stress the heck out of those servers, obviously. There’s even a schedule of specific stress windows just for logging in and staying logged in on Saturday and Sunday (March 10th and 11th, don’t you know).

Players can also earn rewards by getting up to the open beta level cap of 38 during the open beta period. In fact, you’ll earn rewards for every 10 levels you reach, but the best rewards are reserved for those at level 38. So get into the game, stress those servers, and start pushing yourself to the level cap. It’s how you win fantastic prizes, after all.

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Zapoco exists for your browser-based zombie survival MMO needs

Do you dearly need a zombie survival game to play that’s also text-only, browser-based, and not something you’ve already heard of? You have a rather odd set of criteria, but apparently Zapoco is here to fulfill that need. And it’s officially in a release state, which means it has one up on certain other zombie titles that have spent ages shambling along in a test state. Not that we’re naming names, mostly because there is a long list of names.

The game is free-to-play, although players can donate money for various in-game perks, which has at least one commenter on the Reddit thread about the game claiming that the title is pay-to-win in the extreme. It also makes the claim that the game is a rather direct copy of another text-based zombie survival MMO, Torn City, which brings up all sorts of speculation about this genre being crowded enough for impersonators. If a zombie text-based survival MMO is your jam, though, you can check it out and decide for yourself.


Kritika Online’s latest update is all about the power of pets

You are going to give your pets away in the newest Kritika Online. Sure, you can take your pets to Tokina in any hub area to see if they’ll evolve or improve, but you can also use Pet Coins to fill out your collection… and you get Pet Coins by trading in the pets you don’t want. So feel free to picture your character happily flinging away a scared, adorable pet in the hopes of getting something more useful. You monster.

Aside from pet discarding, the update also contains new uses for Passkey Shards, an Arena rework, and new class balancing. You can also challenge Vojack for loot for a limited time, as he’ll only be around until April 18th in his own special Danger Zone. (Presumably, you’ll need to take a highway to get there.) Check out the full patch notes for all of the changes, or just start thinking of which pets you’ll donate as an “example” to the other ones.


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