World of Tanks launches crew changes and postmortem camera with update 1.24.1


With a competitive shooting game like World of Tanks, sometimes what you really need is some idea of what exactly just blew you up. (Beyond the obvious answer of “a tank of some variety.”) This is one of the reasons why update 1.24.1 adds a postmortem camera to replay the moment you found yourself rendered into rapidly-expanding debris instead of an actual tank. Now you don’t have to ask and can nod sagely and say, “Ah, yes. That’s what got me. When the other tank shot me.” (It can actually be useful for understanding skillful play! No, really!)

The update also brings changes like an updated and streamlined crew interface, making it easier for players to move crew members between vehicles and starting efficiency at 100% even from the beginning. You can check out the full rundown of features in the video just below, so if you’re curious about how things like map rebalances and tours of duty will be handled, those questions are answered within.

Source: YouTube
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