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Official Site: Neverwinter
Studio: Cryptic Studios/Perfect World Entertainment
Launch Date: June 20, 2013
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, Xbox One

Neverwinter breaks out Steam trading cards

Did you have a trading card collection when you were a kid? I went along with the crowd buying baseball cards, even though I didn't much care for sports or pictures of sweaty men looking constipated while swinging sticks. It got a lot more fun when Magic: The Gathering came around, fortunately.

Those who enjoy accumulating as many virtual trading cards on Steam as they can will be happy to hear that Neverwinter has come out with its own set of cards. These eight character cards feature characters from the game and can be used to craft badges or traded with other players. These cards are also your path to a better life through additional backgrounds and emoticons.

If you need a whole explanation of what Steam trading cards are and what they do (and this author did), there's a whole page on that.

Source: Steam


Neverwinter proclaims the Day of the Dungeon Master

The dice are back, baby! A while ago, Cryptic paid homage to Neverwinter's tabletop roots by incorporating an Inception-like pen-and-paper experience into the MMORPG. If you missed them the first time around or want to enjoy them again, these campaigns are back for a full month that Neverwinter is dubbing the "Day of the Dungeon Master."

Starting tomorrow and continuing for the next four weeks, players can return to the Burrow Dawn Inn to experience four tabletop campaigns for fun and rewards. Rewards you say? Yes, there are plenty to be had such as a pewter golem and an "adorable pocket pet."

Perhaps the best prize, however, is a Beholder Personal Tank, which is just about the most awesome thing we've ever seen in an MMORPG. Check it out below!

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Enter to win a copy of Wild Terra from Juvty and Massively OP

Indie sandbox MMORPG Wild Terra has been in early access since December, a nostalgia-driven medieval sim that allows players to build up settlements (and then tear them down!). Most recently, the game has focused on its Corrupted Lands and crafting.

Developer Juvty Worlds has issued Massively OP 50 keys for the game, worth $15 apiece on Steam, to distribute to our readers. The only caveat is that the game must be available to you on Steam for you to use the key. Read on to enter to win!

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Everything console players need to know about Neverwinter's Cloaked Ascendancy, launching April 11

Everyone loves expansions, right? Neverwinter's latest expansion, Cloaked Ascendancy, launched the last week of February, giving players the opportunity to delve in and enjoy the new areas and stories for the last few weeks. That is, PC players have that opportunity; fans who prefer to partake via consoles have to wait extra time for each update and expansion to pass certification by the respective console makers before they can release. And waiting is never very fun.

Thankfully, this wait is just about over: Cloaked Ascendancy will land on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, April 11th. In less than a month, all Neverwinter players (of the appropriate level) will have the chance to experience all the new stuff that the expansion offers, from the the new zone to the new story line to the new skirmish.

If that still seems a bit too far away, we've got something to help tide you over: I sat down with Thomas Foss, Lead Designer, to talk more about the expansion. We discussed the inspiration behind it to his favorite parts of it. He might have even shared an Easter egg or two!

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Neverwinter, Star Trek Online drop Windows XP support

Still clinging to Windows XP? Hope you're not planning on playing Neverwinter. PWE announced back in December that it would be dropping support for the XP operating system on March 1st, which means you actually got an extra week, as that build arrived today.

"As of March 1st, 2017, Neverwinter will no longer be supporting Windows XP and Direct3D 9, or Video Cards with a Direct3D Hardware Feature Level less than 10.0," the studio wrote. "This decision was made in order to improve game performance and to optimize the player experience."

The same is true for Star Trek Online, which dropped support for XP earlier this week as planned.

Source: Patch notes, FAQ


The MOP Up: MMOs make math fun (March 5, 2017)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week we have stories and videos from FortniteWar ThunderArmored WarfareNeverwinterMabinogi DuelPokemon GoProdigyGuild Wars 2HellionIngressOld School RuneScapeWildStarDota 2, and Final Fantasy XIV, all waiting for you after the break!

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Enter to win a Neverwinter Firesoul Gorgon mount from PWE and Massively OP

To celebrate the arrival of last week's Cloaked Ascendancy expansion for Neverwinter for PC players, PWE has granted Massively OP 50 limited-edition Firesoul Gorgon mount keys to give away to our readers. There won't be another way to get one of these babies!

The Gorgons "have been twisted by the aberrant powers of Kabal, Nostura and Gyrion, powerful mages warped by the Far Realm," according to the lore. "Normally, Gorgons are already dangerous and difficult to tame, but these have been shaped by the Cloaked Ascendancy, scarred by their creators. These rare mounts grant 110% mounted movement speed and three Insignia slots to gain additional powers."

The codes can be redeemed only once per account and expire at the end of 2017, and the mounts are bind-on-pickup. Critically, these codes are redeemable on PC only, so if you're a console person, you can skip this one! The keys should work for all PC players except those located in China, Korea, Egypt, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Read on to enter to win!

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Neverwinter's Cloaked Ascendancy expansion has just gone live

Neverwinter's Cloaked Ascendancy expansion is live for PC players today, PWE has declared.

"The city of Neverwinter is under attack by the Cloaked Ascendancy, a group of four mages ripped from the Cloak Tower during the Spellplague. Their immense power is derived from the Far Realm and they’re wielding it to claim the throne from Lord Neverember. The latest expansion for the free-to-play MMORPG based on the Dungeons & Dragons franchise and set in the Forgotten Realms features a new campaign, adventure zone, re-vamped dungeon, skirmish and more."

Console players will see the update "later this year." We've got the launch trailer below, along with a recap of our coverage of the campaign to date to catch you up!

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Neverwinter shows off the mechanics of the Spellplague Caverns

The next Neverwinter patch will send players into the depths of the Spellplague Caverns, and you can be sure that the denizens therein will not be amenable to friendly conversation. No, you're going to have to fight things, and that means new boss encounters and mechanics to deal with. The developers aren't willing to completely divulge the mechanics of these encounters, but you can at least get an idea of what you'll be dealing with thanks to the latest preview.

Each of the new fights is meant to introduce a different sort of mechanic, including gaze attacks (which can only be avoided by players looking away from the source) and a plane-shifting mechanic on the final boss. You'll have to work together with your teammates to overcome the challenges of the caverns, so make sure to go with your more observant friends for your first few runs. And, you know, close your eyes when appropriate.


Here's what's in Neverwinter's Cloaked Ascendancy lockboxes

One of the many content chunks and upgrades landing in Neverwinter when Cloaked Ascendancy launches next week is... lockboxes. In fact, PWE put out a new dev blog today on the Many-Starred Lockbox landing on February 21st, taking a page out of Star Wars: The Old Republic's dog-eared playbook.

Potentially in the lockbox for those who buy keys? The Arcane Whirlwinds legendary mount, the multi-spell Tome of Ascendance, and a number of packs tailored to mounts, artifact equipment, artifacts, companions, enchantments, and costumes, some of which are shown in the gallery below.

But whom are we kidding -- you're never gonna get these.

Further reading: Andrew's piece on gambling vs. gaming, Larry's ideas for making lockboxes suck less, and this article telling us to get over them.

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Neverwinter is sunsetting in China

MMO Culture is reporting that Perfect World's China branch has announced that Neverwinter's Chinese version is shutting down. The game is expected to sunset in that region on May 19th, less than two years after its launch there.

There is no anticipated effect on the Western version of the game; we have reached out to PWE for comment on confirmation, however, and will update when we have it.

In the west, the free-to-play Neverwinter has seemingly enjoyed a popular run on PC and console, claiming 12 million registered players across all platforms as of last autumn. Its Cloaked Ascendancy expansion is due out later this month.

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Neverwinter's Spellplague Caverns gets a tune-up

Do you like it when a developer goes back into a familiar dungeon to retune it? There's a case for familiarity and a case for progress to be made, but we imagine that players who have run an instance a few dozen times wouldn't mind seeing some improvements and new wall decorations.

Cryptic is putting the final touches on a master-level version of Neverwinter's Spellplague Caverns, and in a new dev blog, the team talks about how it's revamping the dungeon from its lighting to special effects to its final surprising encounter. It's a lot of behind-the-scenes talk with plenty of technical jargon, but if you're curious how instances are put together from an art team's perspective, it's well worth reading.

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