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Elder Scrolls Online’s veteran ranks are going bye bye

Elder Scrolls Online creative director Rich Lambert made a post on the game’s official forum recently that should lead to much rejoicing. Unless you like eternal grinding, of course. Lambert says that the much-reviled veteran rank system is on the chopping block, though ZeniMax is “still working on the system — nothing is finalized (which is why we’re not really talking much about it yet).”

In a nutshell, dinging 50 will move your progression directly to champion points instead of the current VR levels. If you have veteran ranks when the change occurs, they will be converted to champion points on your highest level character. Lambert says that while the design is still in flux, a rough estimate is 10 champion points for every veteran rank, so 160 CP will equal VR16.

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Orsinium arrives for PC and Mac Elder Scrolls Online players

Bethsoft has just announced that the Orsinium DLC pack is now available for The Elder Scrolls Online’s PC and Mac players. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players can purchase the DLC next week. ZeniMax Creative Director Rich Lambert heralded the DLC with a message to players:

This is by far our largest DLC to date, and one of the largest zones we’ve ever built. There is a huge amount of content to discover with tons of new quests, group bosses, delves, public dungeons, new items, and of course the PVE game mode – the Maelstrom Arena. […] Orsinium isn’t just a new zone, however. The base game patch for this DLC includes a large number of quality of life improvements that everyone gets access to including controller support, battle leveling updates, subtitles, shield dyeing, LFG improvements, and the Champion Point cap and catch-up system.

Lambert further notes that ZOS’ next goal is the Thieves Guild DLC. “With it comes a new Trial as well as a myriad of other bug fixes and quality of life improvements,” he promises. “We will have more details on the Thieves Guild and the other DLCs in the new year.”

Massively OP’s Larry Everett scoped out Orsinium last month, saying the DLC “captured the essence of [his] ESO playstyle.”


Elder Scrolls Online posts Imperial City tour, goes on sale

Yesterday we reported that Elder Scrolls Online had unleashed its first DLC pack, The Imperial City, for PC players. Today, ZeniMax has posted a large guide on what players can expect to find and enjoy in the new content.

The article walks players through how to purchase and access the Imperial City along with a long list of the new changes and features. Creative Director Rich Lambert also hinted at future quarterly DLC packs to come: “The Imperial City DLC game pack isn’t the end… it’s just the beginning. Orsinium is just around the corner — we also have tons of other new stuff and quality of life updates in the works.”

If you haven’t picked up the game yet, Elder Scrolls Online is currently on sale at Steam for 33% off.


Player housing is coming to Elder Scrolls Online

While it might be a while coming, player housing has been confirmed as an upcoming feature for Elder Scrolls Online. Start picking out your wallpaper and crown molding now, people!

In a recent interview, Game Director Matt Firor said that ZeniMax is kicking around ideas for ESO’s version of housing: “Internally, the development team have different concepts that are currently checked — from simple over extensively to ‘impossible.’ In the end it will probably be a mix of all variants which pays particular attention to the fact that it has a very solid structure, which is also reminiscent of the housing from the single-player titles in the series.”

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