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Secret World Legends teases season two, participates in Extra Life

Saying that revenue from Secret World Legends has “exceeded expectations,” Funcom opened up to Venture Beat about what’s coming next for the supernatural MMO.

“Season 2 starts to unravel new questions, while answering other questions that have been laid out before,” said Executive Producer Scott Junior. “Players will be traveling to a completely new location, encountering new NPCs with fully-voiced dialogue and cutscenes […] The plan is to continue telling the story and continue adding unique experiences that haven’t been seen before in the game.”

Funcom is supporting this weekend’s Extra Life 2017 event by encouraging players to sign up and help raise funds for this charity. Secret World Legends players who participate will receive a special in-game t-shirt from the studio.

And while Halloween is over, Secret World Legends players know that the holiday never truly ends in their game. Check out an amazing pumpkin carving that a fan did of “Flappy” in Agartha below.

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Secret World Legends: ‘We plan to continue producing new story content for years to come’

In a combination of review and interview, Gamasutra’s Katherine Cross took a new look at Secret World Legends to see what had changed with the reboot. Generally, she found it agreeable, giving special praise to the new combat controls.

Of even more interest to fans are quotes from Executive Producer Scott Junior, who explained the need for a second change to get the game out to a larger audience. “Accessibility” is the watchword of the day, as Funcom hopes that players initially turned off by The Secret World’s combat and controls might find the reboot more approachable. So far, the player response and game performance has made the team “incredibly happy.”

“This game has a lot more to give,” Junior promised. “With the F2P model of Secret World Legends, we plan to continue producing new story content for years to come.”

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Massively OP Exclusive: Hard questions about Secret World Legends

Now that the official countdown is on leading to Secret World Legends’ launch date, questions about this reboot of The Secret World seem more relevant than ever. Massively OP sat down with Romain Amiel and Scott Junior to ask them several point-blank questions about the transition and the studio’s decisions behind the whole process.

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Chaos Theory: ‘Never say never’ for The Secret World housing

I have to admit, so many dreams were shot down this past week when the news came out suggesting that personal housing would never make it into The Secret World. I felt as if my soul had been crushed a little; I know I am not alone in my desire to live more fully in that fantastic world via my own personal space. The pain was mitigated slightly when Producer Scott Junior clarified his statement to emphasize the difficulty of such a task instead of the impossibility of it. Still, I had to know just how hopeless the housing situation for TSW was, so I sat down with Junior and Lead Designer Romain Amiel to find out, bracing myself for the pain of lost hopes and unfulfilled dreams.

Their answer was music to my ears: Never say never!

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Housing looks unlikely for The Secret World [Updated]

If you’re hoping for player housing in The Secret World, you should probably stop hoping. In a Q&A on the official forums, Funcom executive producer Scott “Nophex” Junior basically spends two paragraphs explaining how the devs would need to travel back in time to 2010 and add player housing as a launch feature in order for it to have a chance.

Junior describes housing as “an incredibly large feature that would need to be integrated to every aspect of the game. It would need to impact the story, systems, economy, and everything else in the game.” The post goes on to state that player housing’s cost is too high relative to what Funcom expects to get out of it, and it says that “as a new feature added post-launch it isn’t currently viable.”

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