Housing looks unlikely for The Secret World [Updated]


If you’re hoping for player housing in The Secret World, you should probably stop hoping. In a Q&A on the official forums, Funcom executive producer Scott “Nophex” Junior basically spends two paragraphs explaining how the devs would need to travel back in time to 2010 and add player housing as a launch feature in order for it to have a chance.

Junior describes housing as “an incredibly large feature that would need to be integrated to every aspect of the game. It would need to impact the story, systems, economy, and everything else in the game.” The post goes on to state that player housing’s cost is too high relative to what Funcom expects to get out of it, and it says that “as a new feature added post-launch it isn’t currently viable.”

06/18/2015 10:28:15 AM EDT: Thanks to tipster Ciritty for pointing us to this additional statement from nophex:

“The Live Team is not scaling down in size. We made the decision to move all positions to the North Carolina office instead of having team members work remotely. That meant that some developers that weren’t able to relocate had to move to different projects in the company, and we are rehiring for those positions in NC.

As for player housing, it is true that it currently is not on our road map. Right now we are focusing on increasing the speed that we deliver new content/issues. If we can increase the speed of production for the issues to a point that I’m happy with we can possibly look at investigating if it would be worth doing player housing (or other new features that are currently in the backlog).”

Source: Forums
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